Wednesday, September 5, 2012

AUPRES Pureness Bright Cool Brightening Mask [Review]

Another mask-ing moment worth mentioning...

I received AUPRES Pureness Bright Cool Brightening Mask from the AUPRES media launch recently and you can check out what this new brand have to offer just by checking out this blogpost here

I've said many times that my current favourite is to get my skin back into radiant state as I was neglecting it during my final semesters and internship period . I am constantly trying out new mask for hydration, reduce pores and evening up the skin tone. 

  • Not your typical mask sheet design
  • Big mask sheet, suitable for larger face shape
  • Not juicy when opening the package, it doesn't drips everywhere
  • Amazing cooling effect that I adore
  • Skin feels tiny bit smoother after using
  • 1 box comes with 6 pieces of mask sheets

When I got this mask in a box, I was hoping that it is in a tube form where I will apply with a brush or fingers. Is just personal preference, I know some people prefer these kind of ready and easy mask as it is more convenient and no mess. The only thing that bothered me was that the mask did not apply flat-ly on the sides of my nose, if you see in the picture, it missed the area at the corners of my nose. That's all. 



Cindy said...

how much per box?i luv cooling mask..

JQLeeJQ said...

Cindy unfortunately it will only be reveal in october when it launch officially to the public. :)