Saturday, September 1, 2012

AUPRES | Created exclusively for Asians by Asians [event]

What is AUPRES?

Means "next to you, close to you" in French upholds its basic philosophy of "High Quality", "High Service" and "High Image". 

AUPRES is a new skincare and cosmetic brand that is launching this coming October 2012 in Malaysia! It is said that they are very famous among people in China and it uses some of the best  Japanese skincare technology. 

Five full skincare ranges as seen below:

Provides skin with an essential balance of water and oil for healthy, moisturized skin 

Ultimate White
It adresses pigmentation at its very core by preventing and correcting dark spots.

Time-Lock Solution
An anti-aging line that helps skin maintain its vitality and resilience, keeping skin free of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Pureness Bright
To brighten and even out skin tone to reveal brighter and the most translucent skin.

Revitalizing skincare that incorporates highly-acclaimed stem cells properties to deliver the perfect skin texture.

AUPRES Sun Care was appointed as the  official cosmetic product for China's team of athletes for the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games and also Olympics in Athens, Greece in 2004. However, one thing surprises us is that the highest SPF is 30+++. The consultant explained that it is because of different country have a certain policy of not allowing too high SPF in sunblocks. Though, they not only having it for the face but also out body! 

AUPRES Aqua Active Sleeping Mask (Skin Hydration Solution)
This is under the special care range where it provides a moisture veil to help lock in hydration properties and improve skin's absorption of other skincare ingredients.

I love its jelly-emulsion type sleeping mask and has a light floral scent to enhance relaxation. Damn, I really want to try this product on my face as feeling it on the back of my hands. Seriously. 

Their cosmetic range:

Pretty designed packaging, I'm sure people my age will love the designs. :)

This looks so young and so me!

The rest are not important, is just photos of food and me :D

Unfortunately, they didn't announce the prices yet but this new brand should be interesting to try. :)



nicccchang said...

waooo. what a great event! I need all! LOL. my face is terrible!!!

Xue Ren said...

wow!! hopefully its not that expensive =X

Jian Quin Lee said...

niccchang, wahaha! We need all!~

Xue ren, I know right but i think is from rm60-rm300 or so. not really sure