Sunday, August 26, 2012

Veet Episode 2 | Waxing Demo

~Bonjour me ladies,

Mrs. Potato is gonna show you how to wax..... you hairy legs! 

I won this veet waxing strip from a contest sometime ago and I finally took the challenge to be a daring little Potato and wax my legs. 

It makes a huge difference! Just check out the 2 pictures below, I'm sure you can tell which is waxed and which is not-waxed. You will instantly feel so much more sexier after the whole slightly painful experience, super worth my time doing this. 

Demo-ing to you with my hairy legs. Unfortunately, I have to be daring and show an ugly side of me. Next time you see me, I will probably have to shy away!

In the box, you will have 18 wax strips (2 glued together = 9 pairs of wax strips) and 4 perfect finish wipes (I wish they had more)

The strips are easy to use, they show instructions like everywhere, outside the box, in the box and on the wax strips. 

Step 1: Warm the strips by massaging with your palms. 

Step 2: Tear the strips apart from the easy-grip section. 
Note: NEVER STICK THEM BACK TOGETHER! You will spoil the even wax on each side. 

Step 3: Stick them onto the hairy areas and warm the wax again by massaging it on to your leg so that it sticks evenly to your leg and grab each hair properly. 

Note: make sure you stick them downwards as in the easy-grip section at the bottom. 

Step 4: Tear them perpendicular to your leg (90 degrees) to avoid harming your skin. Tear them against the direction of your hair growth and hold the bottom of the skin for more effective waxing and less pain. 

I know right, suddenly one square part so white and bald!

Step 5: You can re-use the wax but of course, it gets less effective after waxing a few times.  Wax until desired results.

Step 6:  As seen above, there will be sticky residue remaining on the waxing area. Use the finishing wipes to remove the residue and to moisturise the waxed part.  

Tadaaaaa, so glowy now! Note: if out of finishing wipes, I recommend baby oil as an alternative. 

My legs looks so much longer now

Warning: next 2 pictures can be disturbing to some of you. They are my LEG HAIRS!

Note: Designed for legs, arms, underarms and bikini line but not suitable for face, head, breast or genitals areas or any other body parts. I tried underarms, it hurts even crazy than my legs. At least legs, you will kinda get used to the pain. So it is bearable. 

Says to last for 4 weeks, it's about a week now and it is still baby smooth. :)

We can all now enjoy sexy legs together! 
Peace out!



Xue Ren said...

I tried underarms too, darn painful!! :( then not dare anymore. LOL!

FurFer said...

I tried also. Very painful but worth it.
There is a foam one if I'm not mistaken, It won't be that painful :D

Cindy said...

wah i never dare to wax la..i prefer plucking...

Unknown said...

omg...see also can feel the pain! >.< you're super brave!

Choi Yen said... pain >.<

JQLeeJQ said...

T.T you all know how i feel!!!