Wednesday, August 29, 2012

To be charming is not easy! [AXE Anarchy Island Getaway]

How to charm the opposite sex?
6 tips to enhance your beauty...

#1 - Shave!
Shave anywhere that is visible. For some reason, I still don't get why we can't be seen to be as hairy as guys. If we girls can get away and be more feminine with more hair on our body, that would be quite cool. At the mean time, we shall just stick with the norm and have silky legs + fair armpits. 

#2 - No showing your fats please!
Why la, why? I'm sure the clothing stores have your pants in a bigger size plus you are paying for more cloth, isn't that a bargain. I know is sexy to show some skin but is a sore eye to see over-flowing fats. If you insist on showing skins, get a high waist jeans! That will solve your problem :)

#3 - Little goes a long way

Not all celebs have the natural beauty too, is not a sin to apply a little makeup to make yourself looking fresh, healthier and glowy. It is rather crucial for a girl to have a basic knowledge of makeup, just for a daily look for yourself. Just look at the girl-next-door below, look so much younger after applying makeup and blow her hair. 

There are no ugly women in this world, there are just lazy women. 

#4 - Nails, the neglected

You don't need to be all super fancy with french manicure and stuff, just clean it, shape it and add a clear gloss will do. I'm sure all guys will agree that they get turn off by the looks of that dirty nails!

#5 - The right amount of perfume
Lols, perfume don't work that way. They are not a product used to cover the smells, is to help enhance your charm as scent triggers certain parts of the brain for the other person. Of course, common sense, smelly/ too much perfume = going towards unpleasant side of the brain cells. 

#6 - Deodorant 
There a reason why we have people working as an Armpit Sniffer and get paid tons. These people make our life better by creating the best deodorant for mankind. A good deodorant not only smells good when applied but also last long throughout a hectic day and still keeps you feeling fresh when partying all night. Just like Axe deodorant work their magic making you the most charming person in the room. 



Sunshine Kelly said...

hahaha... omg not going to work as Armpit Sniffer. i will faint >.<

JQLeeJQ said...

Hahahaha! Or you might like the job cause is high paid job!

Cindy said...

So funny all ur photo...

Teh Tarik Drinker said...

i like the first photo. all the best for the competition! :D


JQLeeJQ said...

Thanks Cindy! :D Glad you like it.

Thank you Teh Tarik Drinker! Haha! Hope I will be blessed! and TQ for reading my blog!

Unknown said...

hahahaha omigosh the pictures for the shaving part is really epic... can earn so much winning point from there xD

All the best mate!