Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life in Genting | Rendezvous with Teresa Teng Everlasting Classic Melodies

As much as I'm not into the Chinese classical music, it's kinda my job while interning in Genting to cover concerts event when they are my type or not. The worst part is, it doesn't matter whether you understand what they are talking about, you are still obligated to figure it out. With this, I was force to buck up my mandarin which is not a total disaster. Lols.

This time round, two songbirds: Liu Chia Wen and Chan Ai Chia, Malaysia’s very own ‘Little Teresa Teng’ entertained the audience with the everlasting melodious classic songs such as  ‘When Will You Return?’ (何日君再來), ‘The Moon Represents My Heart’ (月亮代表我的心), ‘What Do You Have To Say’ (你怎麼說), and many more. 

The thing that I enjoy the most was how beautiful their dresses were displaying on their toned and slender bodies. :)

Fun facts:

 Caught some uncle sleeping!

and some uncle dancing to their beats!

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