Friday, August 10, 2012

Life in Genting | Part Seven | What's on my instagram lately?

Ohla Amiga! 

I'm in my final 2 weeks of my internship in Resorts World Genting. As much as I enjoyed my work very much, I'm rather excited to finally be done with internship. I so need to move on looking for a real full time job, well, that is, after my 2 months break I give myself. I just need to spend time at home and myself before putting 110% into work. I really hope I could continue in my department in Social media but it seems like there are no vacancy in that team. We'll see how. :) 

I've been indulging on croissants lately, all kinds, seafood to chocolate to almond to plain croissants. Love them in every size or flavour. Yum yum!

These are alcohol and juices available in Bubbles and Bites. And no, I did not buy or tried them, except for their imported juices though :)

This is a beautiful living room in Janda Baik, I had another CSR event and I was in awe with the beauty of this Kampung place. 

More croissants and butter. I had a croissant fest at the end of July as I needed to finish up my meal credits. 

In the bus, on the way to Janda Baik. 

Omgeeee, the best Char Siew Fan ever!!! It's only RM3.30 and so much Char Siew was given!!! I now believe Genting staff canteen do get some pretty awesome food!

The CSR event, we used woods from the forest!!! :D Mass cooking the old schook way!

I so need to go for a facial already. Totally deprived from good skincare routine and too much Kuaci. I'm trying to tone it down a notch. 

I was at the blogger mooncake testing in Genting, well, as a staff working and covering the event. Lols. I love the black sesame mooncake!

Oh and I also managed to get my hands into making my own Mooncake! Wahaha! Kinda failed, the shape is not as prominent as the professionals ones. 

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