Monday, August 6, 2012

Life in Genting | Episode Six

Don't forget the little things...

I've learnt quite a lot from my internship, it makes the world difference if you are able to click with your colleagues and if you love your job. I've learnt to be more particular when it comes to writing emails, impression matters too in emails! I thank God for great executive that looks after me and gives me decent work. :) I am going to miss Genting, I have approximately 2 more weeks left of internship and I'm off for my break before truly stepping foot into the working world. I am going to do what I love which of course includes blogging and attending events! We all deserves a break, don't we? :)

Few worth mentioning moments + things
Curry Fish Head in Lao Di Fang

Beautiful and inspirational ceiling d├ęcors in Chin Swee Restaurant 

Sweet bf left a super short message in the pendrive when transferring Community season 3 series to me. :)

An exec, June in my department was super sweet to treat me a huge chunky Kit-Kat

Express their inner-child, when you have toys in the office. :)
Someone donated toys, it is only a temporary place to store them, we don't really have our own toys in the office. Lols.

Mei, my exec treat me with Chocolates! I am a happy intern.

Fabienne and I out and about Awana Genting Golf Course. Just for the view :)

Working at Awana during MoFE. 

Fun bloggers while completing the MoFE challenge

I was loving Awana Genting Resort, chilling by the pool. 

Mango Pavlova @ Bakery Maxims Hotel

This is what it looks like during cleaning period. 

I was at the air port for a little while to pick up international bloggers. :D

Bf gave this for a healthy breakfast!

Was going through some press releases for my mini test. lols. Long story, if it happens, I will blog about it later.

Really, it's nice to just walk around Golf course. Look at the greeneries while the sun slowly sets by the trees and breath in the fresh air. So good for you! No cars, no honks, no jam, no smokes, and no haze! 

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