Saturday, August 4, 2012

Life in Genting | Episode Five | Those misty days

One of the amazing thing interning in Genting is definitely the weather, that is if you love cold weather. If not, would suggest you get an internship by the beach or Malacca. The weather here is rather unpredictable, if could be really sunny at times while really misty on some days. I remembered when I first encountered a day where it was misty, it made me smile while I take a slow walk to my office. Some might say there is nothing nice to see because you can't see anything other than pure white everywhere but that is what I love about it, pure white everywhere! The scene is just beautiful, magnificent and it almost felt magical. Of course , it wasn't as cold till you could see your own breath. :) The only downside is waking up with this weather, it's too cold to take a bath in the morning.

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