Saturday, August 25, 2012

Life in Genting | CSR | Berbuka Puasa at Kampung Janda Baik

Another fun day for us interns at Genting that day (only the PR department), we were out cooking and preparing the place for a Buka Puasa event with the under privileged. Why is it fun? Because it was one of those days we got to get out of the office. Haha, seriously, we need some exercise and this event was good for us to lose all our fats accumulated for just sitting in the office. 

Janda Baik was a beautiful place, windy, calm and quiet. They have a beautiful outdoor living room floating on water which to me, I find it very interesting as we don't get that in KL!

It's been a while since I experienced cooking outdoors with a BIG POT and the amount of ingredients we put in is like 10x the amount I put in my own cooking. HAHAHA. So much fun!

All I know is that I totally looked like a mess that day, I didn't even bother on my appearance until the opening ceremony. When all the VIP comes and I needed to go out to help, I took off my hair pin and powered my face a little bit.

~We are like a big happy family!~

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