Friday, August 10, 2012

Kanebo LUNASOL 2012 Autumn Makeup Collection [Event]

Hey pretty ladies,

I was recently invited to attend the Lunasol's 2012 Autumn Makeup Collection preview. I was super excited as this was the first event I attended after starting my internship at genting. I thank God I found sometime to attend this event.

The idea:
Crystal Radiant Purification
Crystal reflect light and radiate a translucent glow. What hides inside crystals are layers of translucent colors with an exceedingly pure luster. 

Thus, this autumn Lunasol's cosmetic line is inspired by Crystals! They aspire to dress our skins with translucent luster and autumn colors that accentuates our natural dimensions as well as providing a radiate glow of a crystal. 

With Crystals as their theme, they decorated the place beautifully with different sizes of crystals, white curtains crystals for us to stick on our picture frame and nails! I love their decor. They prepared so many activity for us, pampered us with manicure (we get to try Lunasol's nail polishes), makeovers (experienced the Lunasol'd new autumn cosmetic), hair-do, photoshoot and tarot card reading!

Tarot card reading. You get to ask 3 questions. :)

Hehe, we edit our photos after shooting as imperfections needed to be removed!

These are the products used on me. 

This autumn line, they focus heavily on the eyeshadows called "Lunasol Modelling Glossy Eyes" (RM185)
This 4 color eyeshadow set comes with a newly-formulated Glossy Base that contains a bounty of beauty essence ingredients that provides moisture to the eyelids while adding dewy, smooth luster. In the lightest and the darkest shade in the palette, they will a section where extra glitters are added for a sparkly night look. I like that it separates the extra glitters so I can have more choices for my day-to-night look. I was using 02 Soft Khaki.

I was also using 02 Glow Coral (RM90) on the cheeks to create a fresh, vibrant look. Lols, the rest I am rather unsure of the name. :) 

These are the Lunasol polishes but the Autumn line of polish has not arrive to Malaysia yet. They finish rather nicely, however, I'm not sure if it is easy to apply as I had a manicurist to help me with it. :p 

This is the picture frame where we were required to go each station and collect crystals that will be glued to the corners of the frame. Then we place the picture in the middle. Wonderful idea!

My nails that day! Weeeeee! My first time doing an accent nail color. Sadly, I had CSR work the next day that requires me to cook, clean, wash and do labour work. I didn't managed to keep it for very long. :(

Met Traclyn that day! 

Totally wore the makeup all the way up to genting!

A more detailed review coming soon at the end of August after I test their products out. :)


Charmaine Pua said...

Love their products! The color looks natural :D

Jessying said...

I want see your makeover pics!

JQLeeJQ said...

Agreed, is for everyday look type of palatte. :)

JQLeeJQ said...

I will post time up with the products picture. Cause now everything is at home. I don't have it with me :(

Cindy said...

so good...i never tried make over before...the product makes your skin look radiant and even...loves it..

JQLeeJQ said...

Thanks Cindy! I have more pictures of this to come. And reviews soon! Stay tuned!

Cindy said...

can't wait for that..