Friday, August 24, 2012

Elite Models | London Queen Perfume

~Vaporisateur Spray~

Elite Models perfume in London Queen has a wonderful musky scent with a hint of sweetness on the back note. When you first release it out of the bottle, it depicts an image of a strong confident women where all head turns and eyes fixed on you as you walk pass by the room. After a while, when the first impression is gone, it leaves a sexy French scent that will boost anyone's mood to flirt and mingle. Finally, after a long day, you can smell the light sweetness of a flower that gives a very romantic ambience feel.

This perfume is suitable for day and night but give a light hand when handling this during the day. Too much may overkill the birds when the sun is up. Re-apply at night if you are planning party till the roof comes down.

The bottle has a nice grip feeling as it is not to big for us smaller palm ladies. It is 50ml thus it is not too heavy to carry it around in your handbag. The scent would probably last 5-6 hours depending on individual usage method.

~Let's get mysteriously confident with Elite Models perfume~



Jessying said...

I am looking at your pics rather than the perfumee..

Jian Quin Lee said...

hahahaha! Only got 1 pic at the end!