Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bluunis Whitening Gel Mask

I'm going to be slightly tacky in this blogpost with the pink frames surrounding the pictures. I received a Whitening Gel Mask in the goodie bag while I was attending a Bluunis event sometime ago. The mask was collecting dusk in my room when I was away for my Internship in Genting. I actually brought one along with me but just didn't had the time plus my skin condition wasn't at its best, I would rather not aggravate it with whitening mask.

My skin is rather sensitive and recently been breaking out on my forehead. Could be clogged pores or even the cold, dry weather that is not really helping. Plus, stress and deprived of sleep could also be a contribution factor. 

After washing my face, my skin tends to get dry and redness shows up on my cheeks and nose area. When I'm back down in Klang Valley, we skin got better thus me thinking, "why not, let's pamper JQ"

I know I'm fair for n asian but maintenance is not a bad thing :) 

When I opened it, I almost thought that the mask had gone bad. Lols, thank God the orange looking thing is actually filled with citrus goodness as it does smells fruity to me :) 

I did not left it in the freezer or anything but the gel from the mask felt cooling and of course, super moist. 

The mask was too big for my face but bigger is better than smaller, I'm sure other ladies with bigger face shape will appreciate the big mask. The gel has an awesome cooling effect and it doesn't goes away, even after you take it off, your skin still feels cold when you touch your face! 

I was not going to waste the juice! I squeezed the packet until its last drop and massaged the goodness on my leg and arms. 

The cooling effect took the redness away and my skin felt so hydrated! I did not wipe the gel away, I just pat them in. :) I'm not sure how it helps with whitening but I love how it feels on my skin, it was fun masking before bed. Felt like a princess all over again!



Isabel said...

woah I would have thought it had expired too hahaha

Cindy said...

that size will be good on my face lol..

JQLeeJQ said...

Isabel, I know right, so orange-yyyy. Lols but it expires only in 2015

Cindy, that it great! cause i understand that small mask that doesnt cover some parts of the face can be rather annoying.