Wednesday, July 25, 2012

"Virgin Boy Egg" Boiled eggs in young boy's urine

'The Smell of Spring
for people in Dongyang, China

"Tong Zi Dan" (Virgin Boy Egg) is one of the delicacy and a popular snack for the spring time in Dongyang, China that is known for their goodness for human's health such as reducing body heat, reinvigorating the body and enhance blood circulation. They boil the eggs in prepubescent boys preferably under the age of 10.

Apparently you won't get stroke if you eat these 'fragrant' eggs. They sell these eggs for 1.50 yuen and it is apparently fresh and salty (well of course it is salty, duh)

They collect urine by going to primary schools toilet, leaving buckets around. Don't worry, those sick boys are not allowed to pee in the bucket. They must be sad not being able to contribute to the making of these special eggs.

It takes a day to make "Virgin boy eggs". They have to soak and boil raw eggs in a pot of urine. When the shells of the hard boiled eggs are cracked, it is continued to simmer in urine for hours. They are to keep refilling the urine into the pot and control fire in order to avoid over heated and over cooking.

There are mixed reviews of these eggs by the locals, some say is great for health while some say that it is not hygienic.

I personally feel it is rather disgusting but well, is the same as me disliking smelly tauhu and durians. Other people may just love how salty the egg taste! Imagine if the boy managed to track which stall was his urine brought to, I wonder if he will still get his parents to buy one for them to eat. It is like tasting your own urine D: Really, is this really what they want to remember for their childhood memories? and wouldn't it be weird to find other people tasting your urine and say, "Yum, this batch of eggs are tasty and yummy. The boys must have not drank enough water thus the urines are not diluted!"

I found an article about this delicacy here


HanieHyde said...

Ackkkk I think I just lost my appetite T_T

JQ Lee said...

Lols, i just came back from lunch. D:

Henry Tan said...

no way! not in a million year for me to try that! gosh. =S

Xue Ren said...

eeek! so geli! :(