Monday, July 9, 2012

Loreal Paris NEW White Perfect Laser Essence + Cream

"Spotless Radiance. No Fear, No Risk" Fan Bingbing

Hello Ladies!

I was invited to White Perfect Laser Launch recently and this anti-spot treatment is known to be 68% more powerful than IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). This is a new and powerful innovation from Loreal Paris that surpasses any whitening treatment. We know how much Malaysian love being fair and yes, I am fair but I am still prone to pigmentations and dark spots just like any of you. I'm not that special after all, lols!

They did a demo on a model and you can seriously see an instant lifting! No lies, no joke and certainly she did not purposely smile side ways just to create the one side lifting look! To be honest, I have only tried the eye cream as I am fascinated with the Metal Vibrator Tool to help blood circulation under eyes. I love this till I brought it up to Genting with me as one of my holy grail item!

This is the cutest thing! The light you shine represents UV and when you shine it long enough on the picture, dark spots, pigments and freckles will appear! D: DON'T WANT!!!!

This Anti-Spot Brightening Essence contains natural ingredients with pure concentration of ellagic acid extract that is effective in preventing the formation of pigmentation at its source, at the same time breaking them down. 

It destroys, restores and renews!

Along with the essence, here comes the day cream partner with SPF 19PA+++. It helps to even up skin tone, making it looking more radiant, translucent and fairer. I am less fond of the cream though as I prefers a water base moisturiser but I have to agree that whitening products do need the extra moisture from a cream as whitening essence can be very drying at times.

It strengthens, nourishes and protects from UV and external environmental damage

Look at suresh, my bodyguard for that day playing with the UV light!

This is the whole new range of Loreal White Perfect Laser. I've given most of the products to my mom to test them out as it provide a more obvious results if it works.It suppose to take only about 8 weeks to see change, hopefully she diligently uses it!

I have been giving these samples out to my family to try them. I wanted to do a giveaway but I am in Genting and I am lazy to go to the post office. I rather set a meet up and pass them to you all. :( sorry, being in Genting does have its disadvantages which does results in less blogging time and place.


| miss rhea | said...

do you recommend this product? i want to try this :)

mind to follow each others? let me know :D

| miss rhea | said...

do you recommend this product? i want to try this :)

mind to follow each others? let me know :D

Unknown said...

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