Monday, July 16, 2012

Life in Genting | Episode Two

Choc drink. Literally melt choc into hot milk.
Note: you need to be fast before the milk turns cold, especially with the weather up here :P

My first event! It was the launching of the International Magic Festival.

That's Magic Babe Ning and her attempting an escape up in the air! With fire burning off the rope!

It was the night where I get my first good sleep.
Thank God my sister came up to Genting after 2 weeks and sent me a bunch of things including my comforter and toilet tissue! 
Trust me, I was deprived from sleep and shit.
My nose was kind of sensitive toward the blanket provided here and there was no toilet tissue being provided. I was never much happier in my entire life to see my comforter and some toilet roles.

My roomates sis-o-ma affair! Thank God for good roommates!

Did you know Honey stars have new rocket shape?! I was munching this in the office.

Everything is so bloated up here!

I like the times where we all gather and have lunch together! Like a big family! 

Also, all of the sudden, we got 2 free tickets to watch FREEZE! :D
Illusion wasn't that great, something that you can see from TV and most would probably have known how the trick is done. Though, the performance was great, worth watching. 

We watched FREEZE! Hannah, one of the roommate.

Fabienne, Wifi Kaki. We always go online together at the nearby restaurant.

Once upon a time, this was my dinner eating at 10pm due to overtime work.


Charmaine Pua said...

Glad you're happy there! :D
But no toilet rolls? Seriously?!

JQLeeJQ said...

HAHA Thanks and yes noooo toilet rolls!

Jessying said...

banyak miss sama u !!!!

JQLeeJQ said...

I miss you too!