Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life in Genting | Episode One


Just a repeat, yes, I am current doing my internship in Genting Highlands. It felt like I totally MIA from the event/bloggers world. If I were still in Klang Valley, I will probably be blogging loads about events and beauty launching. I totally miss that life but I wouldn't say the living in Genting is lifeless, depends on how you spend your time after work. Everybody here is rather workaholic, I won't deny that there is really nothing much for the staff to do other than just work plus we have less commitments to other people as we don't constantly need to find time to catch up every single person in the world and we don't need to rush home to join family dinner every night.

Go ahead and envy me, this the beautiful view through my room window. We have a balcony, unfortunately, it is lock, we are not allowed to use the balcony due to a few safety purposes. Also, the window is not the type where you can open as big as you want. So yeah.....

Personally for me, I never really left home or the sight of my parents before. I had always been the baby daughter home till pretty much this offer came along. Trust me, many times I've tried to convinced them in letting me stayed out during my Uni life for travelling convenience sake, for some reason, it never happened. Lols. 

Some would probably think that, first time out of the house, every night will party till late and don't go home till 4-5am in the morning! Well, you thought wrong. In some ways, I would rather go back to the room earlier and just lay on my bed watch movies and nibble on Kuaci (sunflower/pumpkin seeds). The only difference is that I have no one to call me over and over again to take my dinner. 

Talking about dinners, this was my first dinner alone up 6118 feet above. Luxurious? Well, paid with meal card that interns would get. They pretty much take care of their interns when it comes to food. 

I work long hours, 8.30am-6pm for my PR department. Different department have different working timing, so is best that you call and check on this if you are interested. It is also different when it comes to off days, just so you know we, the interns don't get off every week ends like other companies in Klang valley. 

This is the Themepark garden, a view taken from the restaurant Hainan Express. My savior for internet and wifi. 
You may call me spoiled to expect wifi in my room, I am still admitting that I was really shocked and rather annoyed that we do not have wifi in our rooms! So deprived from my blog and other social networking sites. I can't do my personal things unless I get out to the nearest restaurant for Wifi. That is one of the reasons that  makes you wanna sleep early, no more losing track of time while randomly catching up on my youtube videos and for those 9gagers, no more thinking that it is only 10pm when it is actually already 12am. All in the comfort of your room and bed. Pros and Cons I guess. I still prefer to have Wifi though :p

My first Movie EVER in Genting. Watch Brave with my workmate, another intern, Fabienne. 

Of course, watching a movie in Genting is not cheap and yeah, sadly, we don't get staff discount either. I guess after a while, we still need a life, so watching a movie makes us feel more alive. HAHA. But Brave was a really good movie! I am really glad I watched it with her. Fabienne was the one making sure I am safe when I was the only one in my room without roommates for the first week. :)


Talking about weather, I can't say I do not love the weather here. It is pretty much the one thing that puts a smile on your face every morning. Oh,.not to forget the fresh air that I breath, just wonderful. Makes life so much better and peaceful just for one moment.

It is cold all the time, well almost all the time but it really makes me happier when it is misty and white everywhere! Maybe because I don't get that a lot in my life, so I prefer misty than super sunny. However, sunny here still doesn't burns you like how KL would. Thank God!


More to come!

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