Monday, July 30, 2012

Life in Genting | Episode Four | CSR

I was lucky to have the opportunity to join the CSR team for a time of tuition teaching for the orphans at Batang Kali. It was one of those times where I am able to get out the office, I was happy and felt satisfied after even a short while teaching these kids. It was way better than having me staying in the office, in front of the computer and hitting on the keyboard. 

It was a rather nausea ride down and up that day, maybe cause I tend to feel that way when I travel in a van. I don't really get sick in a car or a bus. :) 

While working full time, I realized that I can not start my day with rice/noodles/heavy meal or I will get sleepy right after breakfast. Also, getting too full for lunch gets me in trouble of closing my eyes during the rest of the day. I can't focus and I just feel so emo when I am sleepy, not fun at all. One other thing that came to sense is that everything is really just in the mind, if you make yourself feel beaten by the day, you lose! So, I will have to tell myself that it will be great day and just by getting through today, you are one step closer to your holiday! 


durianland said...

How I wish I can service and contribute towards the community just like you did. I am sure you felt the happiness when you provide services to these people. I really proud of you.

JQLeeJQ said...

You can always do voluntarily work, try finding churches around or even NGO. Maybe google and see. :) Yes, definitely satisfied when lending a hand to them. It was fun to be honest. :)