Sunday, July 15, 2012

Khalil Fong in Genting

Part of my job is to assist in covering events and concerts around Genting. I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend the Khalil Fong Concert. He is one talented young man, good looking too! Super artistic looking :D

He covers some of the oldies English songs perfectly with is amazingly melodious voice plus he is great with guitars and the keys. Many says that he can be the second Music Man, after Wang Lee Hom. I can't disagree after last night's performance. I had to stand throughout the show but totally worth my night :)

If you notice, he changed 3 different guitars and played the keyboard but he didn't changed this costume. Lols. He still looks charming and adorable with his bow tie.

Opening act by "Fresco Harmonica"
Awesome stuff!

Fiona, a Hong Kong actress and singer was also there to join him on stage performing a duet and a solo. Beautiful with a lovely voice. 

Might have a video from the concert coming up soon. Depends if I have time to edit and upload. :)

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