Monday, July 30, 2012

Bubbles and Bites | Resorts World Genting

If you are familiar with Genting's Pizza Factory, well, it's gone now. Replaced by this fancy place call Bubbles & Bites. Aren't the name adorable? However, it is creeply hard to pronounce. At one point, I called it Bumbles & Bite and sometimes I call it B&B or BB just because either I am unsure of the pronunciation or I'm just lazy.

It is opened for almost a week or so, I finally managed to get in and try the new restaurant in town (by town, I meant Genting). Due to it being new and fancy AND WE GET TO SIGN WITH OUR MEAL CARD, everyone wants to have their lunch there. Trust me, I've tried to get a place since forever but it is full house almost the whole week during lunch and dinner time.

It is apparently to be similar as the old Pizza Factory where they serve pizzas, spaghetti, burgers, salads and etc. Very western which is good as you can't really find much restaurants that sells pastas in Genting. 

Pricing wise, pretty decent for Genting price. I mean, you really can't compare with KL or anywhere else. Yes, just my lunch could cost about RM40+ if you choose to indulge in restaurants or cafe. Or else, staff can always opt of the good, cheaper canteen food. 

The interior has a few sections, Sofa, common chairs and 2nd floor! :D

What I love the most about this place is that it serves free water! Totally awesome to not have to pay extra for water. It serves in this beautiful letter-bottle (the kind where you see in movies people write sad love letters and let it float in the ocean) type bottle. :)

They serves a huge variety of champagne, wine, liquor, imported juice, imported water and etc.  

They would display some of the food that is served for the day. 

My friends order some old school spaghetti and it was nice to see they will grate cheese in front of you! :D

If you are wondering, they have some fancy name for this but they are basically just baby potatoes and cheese.

This was my lunch! Great fries and burger was good.

Food was average (so far), nothing particularly amazing or the best. Great service and Free Water! 

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