Sunday, June 3, 2012

Lasting Finish 1000 Kisses Lip Tint [Review]

by Rimmel London

If you didn't know, Rimmel was having the lipstick exchange for a new 1000 kisses liptint in watson around KL area. I was there when they where promoting the one in Sungei Wang. You can check out the post here
Now, I will be reviewing on the 3 new lip tint in 
Carry on Cherry 600, Perpetual Plum 300, & Timeless Tango 120. 

The applicator is like a marker pen, so its very precise when you draw your desired shaped lips. The tint smells like Cherry or some might say like 'cough mixture' in liquid. Lols. I like that kind of smell and there is no taste to licking it.  
The balm at the other end really helps to seal the tint and give moisture to your lips. Some might think it is really drying while waiting for the tint to dry, I suggest to apply the balm first to give moisture, then only apply the tint and seal it with the balm again for maximum moisture. 

Though, I don't like how the balm is packaged, when closing with the cap, you might accidentally scrap the sides of the balm with your cap. It is really annoying that you have to be very careful when putting the cap back on. This will also make the balm to be very fragile and breaks easily. Beware to not leave them in your car or any place that is hot because it might cause the balm to soften and accidentally pushed into the container. If I am not mistaken, I don't know how to take it out. 

These are the colour swatches in order. 

My original lips

With Carry on Cherry 600

Perpetual Plum 300

Timeless Tango 120

Personally, I can't really tell the difference between Perpetual Plum 300 and Timeless Tango 120 because I feel that Timeless Tango 120 is just a much brighter fuchsia pink version and Perpetual Plum 300 is more light plum purple colour. With Carry on Cherry 600, its a deeper red, like a deeper cherry colour. 

It is not waterproof, you can remove it with water on tissue but you will still get a light stain on your lips due to the tint. Of course will be easier to remove with a remover. With the balm, it will give you a bit of glossy finish while without, it will be matte finish. 

Overall, even though I don't like how the balm is packaged but I do like the tint idea because it is really Transfer-proof that can last on your lips for a very long time if you don't have the habit of licking your lips. 

Tips and tricks:
1. For maximum moisture, use the balm first to even out your dry lips, then colour lips and apply with balm again to seal lips. 
2. Line your outer lips first to get desired lip-shape before filling in the rest of your lips. 
3. Be very careful when handling the balm section. 
4. Keep away from heat, especially do not leave them in the car! Malaysia's weather will ruin your balm. 

Now you can kiss your Boyfriend without staining their skin and clothes!


Isabel said...

I love the idea of lip tints cos they're long lasting! Never tried one before though

JQ Lee said...

Maybe I will do a giveaway soon! :D

justsoyouknow said...

Do the liquid seeps in between lip lines? This had been my constant dilemma when it comes to lip tints. I am still looking on the perfect lip tint in some online beauty store.

Jian Quin Lee said...

justsoyouknow yes it does. :)

Cindy said...

i dun like the balm feeling on my lips...without the balm does it still last?