Friday, June 29, 2012

~ Instagram-ed | Things that matters ~

For some reason, whipped cream plays a huge part of my life. I just had to share with everyone on my new find of the HUGE Bottle of Whipped Cream.

I was rushing to produce a video for my presentation. It's about Parents and Technologies. 
The whole class laughed at the end of the video!

Watch it here, on Youtube!

Stay till the end for funny parts.

Since the ipad arrived my house, I have been addicted to the classic O2Jam! Yeah Baby!

New shoe for internship :)

The Varsity Jacket that Colin wanted for a very long time!

and he wore them on his first day of work :D
I was bored at home, so....... drew something that kinda looks like him. 
Failed I think. Haha!

My friend Michelle Lau Wey Chin got me these awesome prezieeeee for my be-lated birthday!!! 
Thank you!!!! Love them all! 

Suresh bodyguard-ed me to an event in Midvalley as we know, the mall is unsafe! 

Oh wait, another one more event in 1U as my Bodyguard!
Thank you Suresh for your time!

Final few days with Colin :( Before I leave to Genting for work. 
Sorry, iPhone front camera sucks at night!

My dog.... Miss her :'(
Just so adorable. 

What about you? What matters to you in your life? Share with me! :D


Merryn said...

Yeeer, u draw look exactly like him leh!

JQ Lee said...

HAHAHAHAHA! :D That is a good thing!