Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel - Good Tea Time?

Hello there, care for some English Tea?

My family bought some Living Social voucher for an English Afternoon Tea at Grand Dorsett Subang Hotel recently. We somewhat celebrated Father's Day there :D Since everyone in the family is so busy with our own life during the weekdays with work and studies, taking time to get together and have a decent catch-up session is rather crucial.

Everyone seemed happy and laughing and chatting!

We had 2 vouchers, comes with these trays of yummy snack and 
each tray comes with 2 cups of coffee or tea. Coffee was KAO!

Scone, Scone, Scone!

Imagine the happiness.

My Grandmother LOVES their Coffee!

My dad was never into all these luxury food but at least he enjoys some family time while the family enjoys the food! :D 

Long day because I drove them as they are less familiar with Subang roads. FUN though!

Have a great day people! 

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julian ong said...

wow fantastic.....