Sunday, June 10, 2012

Few things....recently

What's going on????
This photo was stolen by my bf  and he went and gave it a B&W effect to it. He says it I look very pretty in B&W, it enhances my features. I got "Mad" (jokingly) and argues like what every gf would do asking "so what, you mean I dont look good in colour? means Im not pretty in person?" and etc. I just find it adorable how he would try to justify himself until he sometimes dont even know what he is saying. 

As stated in my FB, I recently found out how to use this baby. :) one of the few proud moments. 

I used to be a high heels person all the way but recently is sneekers and flats and shorter heels. Better for my back, better for my legs and just more comfortable overall. I have been wearing this pink canvas quite often because is just so cute. 

This is random. I was working on my Creative Industry Ethics (CIE) final major essay and just so happen that day, after my bath I randomly pulled out my Pet project T-shirt which I volunteered some time ago. My essay is about Roosters being killed for the new feather hair extension trend. Let me share some of the fun facts that about that:

Feathers don't grow back after plucking from the roosters backside. So there is no point keeping them around the farm. 

The chickens that we eat are younger birds due to their tender meat (~6-8weeks old chicken)

Chicken can live up to 10-15 years

Old chicken meat are tough, pretty much good for nothing unless for stewing. Pretty feathers takes about a year or more to grow. So chicken meat will be hard by then. 

Real feather hair extension can only last for about 3 months but people are paying hundreds of dollars for them. 

The bf gotten me 2 chatime! Technically one for me and the other for my mom. But the main point is that he gotten my fav combination correctly, regular Grass jelly roasted milk tea with no ice and less sugar. Credits should be given as this shows that your man pays attention on the things that you like. Also because I haven touch chatime for a very long time, I was in the season for trying other things, just that day i was craving for some chatime sweetness. 

Anything worth mentioning for you recently? :) Sharing is caring!

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