Thursday, June 7, 2012

The end for My Summer Nails

Remember this? 
Yup, my beautiful nails in Girl Flower by Sally Hansen Salon Effects. I feel that this is perfect for summer and well, Malaysia's hot weather. :) It's so girly and colourful! 

My boyfriend thinks it was painted :D He loves it. Not only him, loads of my friend commented how pretty my nails are. *Smiles I'm so happy. 

I had this nail on about 2 weeks ago while I was at the Brand Knight's workshop. We learned how to apply them so we can help others in the future. I did not get it right the first time and screwed it up but practice makes perfect! I agree that the instructions given in the box is rather unclear thus I suggest you goggle or youtube the tutorial of this for beginners. You have to work fast when applying these nail strips because they will dry up as they are real nail polish strips. 

I took care of it by applying top coat every 3-4 days once. If you have bad habits of using nails to dig things, like me :(, the tip of the nails will start chipping after about 4 days depending on what you do. However, I realise that after a week, the tips that are chipped are pretty ugly looking, I'm bit particular, and my nails are growing longer, so I just cut my nails like normal and file them to desired shaped. None of the nail strips came off! It is like super glued to my nails well! Apply another layer of top coat and Woah-La, looks as if it is newly done! 

Today, after about 2 weeks, my itchy hand went and peel the sides of my thumb. It felt like peeling your own nails but without pain. The worst part is when I peel one, I have the habit of 'Cannot Tahan' go peel others, spread like a disease! Goodness, 'happily' I peel each one while driving.... =_=

I peeled till remaining 2 nails, Obviously peeling the strips will harm my nails, it is bad for your nails. So I turn to my remover to clean my nails. DAMN, it took me forever to remove! It is as hard as removing my previous glittered nail strips. HAHAHA, Dang! 

Luckily I have Sally Hansen Miracle Cure treatment for my nails. Will show you how I save my poor nails in another blogpost soon. I am rushing for assignments now. :D 

Still, I'm glad I tried this fancy nail strip, definitely will do it again! 


Hilda Milda™ said...

Gosh so colourful! I likeeeee :D

JQ Lee said...

Hehe, If you want, I can help you buy with 10% discount rather than buying from the retail store.