Saturday, June 9, 2012

Does it looks like Victoria Beckham?

Dress by Whitesoot

I wore this last thursday for my presentation in class even though I got it in my mail since about 2 weeks ago. Lols, yes, I already planned to wear it for that special occasion. 

The dress is beautiful and made with good quality material. It hugs my body well and rather comfortable to wear. It is double-lined around the chest area and back chest area so when you wear bra, it doesn't show obvious lining. I really give a nice shape to my body, the best part was that even i you are bloated that day, it doesn't show as much! Thumbs up for hiding tummy fats!

I gotten so much compliment on the dress, in person and in picture, facebook, twitter and instagram! Lols, I was really happy :D shy.. but happy! 

If you are wondering why am I at the train station, it was because my boyfriend's car remote spoiled and we had to take the train home to get the spare remote cause we can't use the key to open the car door as it will set the alarm off. I was kind of lucky to experience the ride in the new KTM, our first thought was, 'OMGosh it is really long!'. I used to take the train to almost everywhere but due to the not s friendly services and my safety, I decided to drive if possible. 

It is unfortunate to find out that it is a slipped on dress again but I come to the point of not minding because the dress is just stunning. The neckline is low for me, unless you have the boobs to fill it out, wear a tube. Sorry, haha, I don't have big boobs. Also at the shoulder area, the short sleeve does move when you put your hands up, in some ways it is kinda restricting your hand movements but in some ways, it makes you act more feminine as you won't go fling your hands around like a mad woman.  

I love the buckle, it really gives the whole dress a quality look and it is slightly adjustable. Thus, if you have a smaller tummy day, you can tighten it and make your waist look smaller!

This is like a wrap around dress, so the slit at the bottom is really big till you have to wear short tights inside, or else it will expose your inner thigh while walking and sitting. But it is just gorgeous when you stand in elegance. 
I always enjoy shopping with Whitesoot because the service is reliable, fast and friendly. 
Thank you Whitesoot!


Xue Ren said...

You look gorgeous in that dress babe! :)

JQLeeJQ said...

Thank you Xueren!