Thursday, June 21, 2012

Clinique Lash Power Volumizing Mascara - Why I Love?

I got this sample size from one of the events or roadshows and it have been stashed in my new mascara corner for the longest time as I have just too many mascara to go through. Especially last few weeks was the worst, it was the last few weeks of my semester and all I did was attend classes and go home for assignments. Too busy and tired and lazy to even look good for Uni, didn't feel like impressing anybody except during presentation. In general, felt crappy due to assignment craze season. 

Love the brush, thin and short and many many bristles on it.
Super easy to apply without worrying the brush smudging on your lids, eyes or under eyes.
Keeps the skin around your eyes clean :)
Super perfect for short lashes!

However, it wasn't really volumizing to my desire but I was impressed with their lengthening ability!
Not waterproof, like literally.
I sprint some Avene spring water on my face to refresh my face, the mascara melts instantly.  

Love/ Hate?
Love for the brush
Hate for not being waterproof

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