Friday, June 29, 2012

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For some reason, whipped cream plays a huge part of my life. I just had to share with everyone on my new find of the HUGE Bottle of Whipped Cream.

I was rushing to produce a video for my presentation. It's about Parents and Technologies. 
The whole class laughed at the end of the video!

Watch it here, on Youtube!

Stay till the end for funny parts.

Since the ipad arrived my house, I have been addicted to the classic O2Jam! Yeah Baby!

New shoe for internship :)

The Varsity Jacket that Colin wanted for a very long time!

and he wore them on his first day of work :D
I was bored at home, so....... drew something that kinda looks like him. 
Failed I think. Haha!

My friend Michelle Lau Wey Chin got me these awesome prezieeeee for my be-lated birthday!!! 
Thank you!!!! Love them all! 

Suresh bodyguard-ed me to an event in Midvalley as we know, the mall is unsafe! 

Oh wait, another one more event in 1U as my Bodyguard!
Thank you Suresh for your time!

Final few days with Colin :( Before I leave to Genting for work. 
Sorry, iPhone front camera sucks at night!

My dog.... Miss her :'(
Just so adorable. 

What about you? What matters to you in your life? Share with me! :D

Clinique Lash Power Extension Visible Mascara [Review] - Not really

This is another Clinique sample size mascara that I got from some of the events or roadshow, I can't remember which.

If you read my previous  , you would know that I love that one. Unfortunately, I can't say the same for this. 

Here goes my opinion: 
  1. I think the brush is similar to Lash Power Volumizing Mascara but just slightly thicker. The bristles seemed same to me though which I do like. 
  2. I like that it is Super black
  3. Does the lengthening job a little bit
  4. Clumps like mad! Made my lashes feel soooooo STIFF! 
  5. If you see my bottom lashes, it doesn't look really good as the fibres is rather hard to manage. So hard for me to separate my lashes with another brush/comb!!!

BIG NO For Me :(

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara [Review]

Hello you! 

I know it's been a while as I am right now doing my internship in Genting Highlands. The worst part is to not have Wifi in my room, so I have to come out to the library or some restaurant for internet. Most of the time, I  would prefer to just go back to my room and sleep as I work from 8.30am-6pm, lols, crazy right! I do get tired most of the time. :) But NO I will NOT STOP BLOGGING because I just Love this side life and I really do miss going for events and just being around with other bloggers! Not to forget talking to you guys reading my blog! Big Thank You!

Right now, I will be reviewing on this Revlon Grow Luscious Mascara. It was given to me by my friend Serene, as she felt that it didn't really work for her lashes. So blessed me :D and to try them because she knows I'm a huge fan of cosmetics. 

Short review here comes: 
  1. Neutral feeling of the brush, medium size with tapered ends. Nothing special really. 
  2. For a Sophisticated brand like Revlon, the packaging looks really good! Simple but very expensive feel. 
  3. My friend say it clumps on her lashes badly but I didn't get that result. In fact, it was rather nice and lengthen my lashes significantly. 
  4. Though, it droops my lashes as it is a wet formula = heavy formula for my lashes. :( 
  5. They claim to have some formula in the mascara that will help in growing your lashes. I can't comment on that as I only tried it a few times. Generally my lashes is longer, so will be quite hard to tell if it helped my lashes grow longer. 

Stole this picture from here

At the end of the day, I have to say that it is a disappointment as if you can see the picture below, it smudges badly on my under eyes! Even for me remembering not touching the whole day! :((((((( I can't tolerate this kind of mascara as nobody like to have panda eyes. We like to trust the mascara to do its job and not to smudge!

What do you have to say?

Johor Trip Tweeeee | Sibu Island Resort

~Beep Beep Beep~
Third & Final Location

In my last Part 2 of the Johor Trip, I said that we had to rush from another resort till we can't find a gas station due to the deserted road that the google map told me to use. It was the first time we freaked out as the one and only ferry from Tanjung Leman leaves at 10.30am and we estimated the timing wrongly thinking that everything will be a smooth ride! Lols. Thank God we made it in the end.

We took a 30 minute ride ferry to Sibu Island Resort. Please don't stay in the ferry, get out and get some wind blowing on your face! It was such a wonderful ride, the view was stunning plus the ocean was looking beautifully blue. All the pictures below did not go through any editing process!

The darker blue shows that it is deep while the lighter blue, usually nearer to the beach are more shallow. In anyway, it's so clean and oh, you will just loveeeeeee it!
Once you get to the island, everything is sooooo green! You are really out and be one with the nature!! It's so fun because they literally let deer, chickens, peacocks and whatever animals they have there, to run around the place! :D You get to see them up close, and well of course, smell them toooo. HAHA.

Oh by the way, they have a special original welcome song, The rhythm totally got stuck in our heads for the rest of the trip. The funniest part is that while we hum to the tune, we dance the Hawaiian dance too!

Because the island is rather big, for the room tours we needed to sit in this specially modified kancil to get around. Is not for the guest, is more for the staff to get around to do their job such as house cleaning, bringing the bag to your room and bringing it back to the boat when you are leaving...

Sibu Island Resort specializes in Team Building and so far of all the team building places, this is the most 'power' place as they have the 'awesomest' tall structures for you to climb and fly fox down! Though, I think you need at least 12 people for the programme. So, my friend and I only did flying fox for the first time in our life!

Part of their activity is also to Feed the Deer! :D Well, no, we didn't had the time to feed them as they only allocated specific timing for this.

It is because we were busy jumping into the deep blue sea!!!

and well, only us daringly swimming in the water while the other group of korean newly wed couple were busy fishing Sotong (squid) !

The next day, we had the opportunity for jungle tracking. The whole purpose is to not only for the chance to experience the view from a higher ground but also to search for the 4th beach in Sibu Island Resort!

That's Pulau Kapas (Cotton Island)

Of course, such princess like us can too make it till the end! Mission Accomplished! It is just unfortunate to find so much dead corals.... :(

After these 6 days, I really have gotten to fall in love with Johor. As much as they still have a huge area to be developed, I can say they are slowly getting there. Their town is really growing fast but still, able to give the locals some time to unwind by the beach. 

I really enjoyed my trip, and all made possible by Jolyn New! 
hank Her and Thank You for reading all 
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