Saturday, May 26, 2012

Smack that Lips!

Paul Frank Lip Smacker Banana Strawberry [Review]

If you follow me on Twitter and FB, you should know that I LOVE this Lip Gloss Stick! Mostly because it smells like my favourite sour power strawberry candy strips!

Of course, it doesn't taste like sour power. It gives more of a strawberry scent and banana scent can be detected if you really concentrate in smelling it. Of course, most of us would prefer to have a more over powering strawberry scent rather than banana scent. 

Yes, I did say lip gloss stick because it leaves a slight glossy finish. Not the kind of water 3D gloss look but it does look slightly glossy. The stick doesn't make all the side areas of the container or the cap to be oily like some balms do.

I feel the stick is nicely pack and in good quality container. The cap seals properly every single opening and closing. I can't tolerate balms/gloss or any thing that doesn't close well because I hate the idea of it being expose and being tossed around in my bag. It will dirty my bag as well as make the cosmetic item unhygienic.  



LauraLeia said...

I love it because of the banana smell, not the strawberry. :P

JQ Lee said...

Lols, I dont feel that the banana smell is strong lo. I smell more strawberry!