Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips [Review]

Each kit comes with 16 strips of different sizes, 1 cuticle stick and a nail filer. It claims up to 10 days of wear and it comes off with nail remover.

I wore them only for about 3 days, I have itchy hands, I tend to peel some sides off in class but overall it stays on fairly well. Definitely better than the common nail lacquer. I believe that if I hadn't take it for some shooting purpose, it will probably last for a week. I loved the bling, it is gorgeous and totally  made me feel like dressing up for the passed few days. It didn't looked fake at all and it finish off glossy. 

Unfortunately, it does take a few practices before you understand how to apply this like a professional. It is not as sweet as angel applying this on your own nails. I had a rough time figuring it out the first time, thus I do suggest you get some tips of how-to from the internet before opening this box like a kid with a Christmas present. I have linked the video below so you can see how it works. 

If your nails are smaller like mine, I share one strip for two fingers. 

It is not stickers because when you open the package, you can smell acetone and these strips does dry after a while being exposed in dry environment. Thus is best not to apply this in dry and cold environment, eg: air-condition and even fan sometimes will speed up the drying process of the polishes before you could peel it of the plastic. I didn't know that at first and it was a pain in the butt when it stuck onto the plastic. 

Like all glitter polishes, I had the worst time removing it yesterday. I'd even done the soaking-nails in wet cotton remover. It took me forever to remove it and it left glitters all over my hands. It felt as my fingers were pruning touching too much nail remover. 

Overall, it has up and down with this amazing product. It last real long and it look absolutely stunning if it's done right but it takes practice and harder to remove. It is a bit pricey but worth it if you don't always have time taking care of your nails. Me? the effect is so beautiful that I would try them again, just got to learn how to apply in proper instructions first. 


Xue Ren said...

fuyoh! nice one nice one! :D

JQ Lee said...

Thanks! but not easy to put on or remove. Looks great at the end only . :)