Saturday, May 12, 2012

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure Review

I am currently trying a couple of Sally Hansen's products as seen above. Sally Hansen has been a well known brand internationally and definitely have been receiving much coverage in Magazine and many beauty bloggers. Check out their SALLY HANSEN FB PAGE for more updates.

I personally wanted to try the Airbrush Legs, erm... cause... my legs are hairy...... Lols. Seriously and I'm lazy in shaving them away. Anyway, I may get them soon and try them out. 

For now, I am actually enjoying my Sally Hansen Miracle Cure: For Severe Problem Nails. I have averagely healthy nails and I wouldn't exactly say that my nails are brittle. I have seasons in painting my nails, sometimes I'm extremely 'Gang Ho' in making them looking funky, colourful and pretty without chips and sometimes I just prefer having it clean, nicely shaped with a simple gloss to my nails to bring out the feminine side of me. 

For the past month, it was all hectic in my schedules thus I didn't spend time on my nails at all. Before going on my Johor trip for 6 days, I just had to give my nails some care to make it look better when I meet the PR People and GMs of the Hotel or Resorts who sponsored our stay for a review. Obviously, I just want the easy way out and since I have the Miracle Cure, I applied one coat 2 days before my trip and one extra coat the night before my trip. 

The double coating helps making it stronger and longer lasting shine and no peeling until the 4th day. I have been soaking in hot bath and sea water everyday on my trip, I would say it lasted well due to my lifestyle, common polishes would start peeling/chipping by the 2nd day of soaking.

The best part is when I had a free Mani-pedi spa and the manicurist say my nails looked great, she only filed and shaped my nails a little. Even after shaping them with a nail filer, none chipped off. I was in wow-ing the strength of the clear polish.

Sally Hansen Miracle Cure comes with exclusive mineral formula that helps restores strength into your nails. It seals the nail plate and bonds nails layers together by filling the cracks with the micro mineral formula. Instant healthier looking nails.

I'm now trying on their insta-dry polish in Pronto Purple. Using this Miracle Cure as a base and top coat.

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