Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Pronto Purple [Review]

The colour is beautiful with shimmers instead of chunky glitters. I would say that I might have worn it longer as my nail colour if I had short nails. For me bright and dark colours are better suit when I apply with short nails. When I have longer nails, I love sliding on clear or lighter shade for a feminine look.

The applicator is interesting, is tapered flat at the end. As you can see, is not the common round brush. They call it the Perfectionist Brush. My opinion, I feel that it definitely made a difference and help me apply the polish better. For my smaller nails, one coat is opaque enough while the other bigger nails still need 2 coats. It finished glossy, thank God. 

I don't have a particular feeling about the bottle shape but it's unique. It lasted about 2 days before it started chipping at the tips without top coat. It has Flexiglass Complex that gives out the beautiful shine and strong-wear. With top coat, I applied Sally Hansen Miracle Cure and it lasted 1-2 more days longer. It really depends on what is your daily activity and how you treat your nails. 

I posted on Fb & twitter before stating that it dries relatively fast but still not to touch. Means it still will smudge if you accidentally scratch it but if you gently pad the first nail painted right after painting all nails, it wont leave fingerprint marks like how some polishes do when is still wet. 

I will be trying this in another colour of Magenta Motion

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Xue Ren said...

aww! i love purple! it looks really good on ur nails! :)

Nicole Sim said...

I couldn't have nice nail polish on my nails because it chips off easily :'(

JQ Lee said...

Xueren, its bit dark but yes its pretty!

Nicole, you should try the salon effect nail strips. Once done applying, it doesnt chip easily