Sunday, May 27, 2012

BrewFest 2012


This 3 day event started of with a kick-ass launch on the 17 May 2012 at The Square Publika. A unity of more than 50 premium and craft beers was there to bring merry, joy and celebration the gathering of the beer fans.

We have the awesome Julie hosting us for the media launch. Love her! :)

I think the opening was great, instead of cutting a ribbon, Let's Drink Some Beer while having all the little ribbons flying in the air. Picture perfect!

No seriously, I think the opening was really cool, especially when you see how Douglas Lim glupped down that bottle so passionately.

They had awesome activities such as Guess the Beer and the classic Beer Pong! The ultimate drinking contest, how to pour the perfect beer and omg, Mechnical bull ride challenge! :D
I'm sure those winners must have won some great prizes. All day and night, they have DJs and Power Slam of live music. Of course, they have the hilarious comedian Douglas Lim talking away at night at the Black Box.
And OH! Beer Auction!

Check out the beers that are involved...

And some finger foods...

and more beers that we get to try...

This was the best ones among all. All my friends loved it!

Cheers mates! Btw, it was after our group presentation. Total de-stress session!

and here we have Sharon (zhengnorah) having a hard time opening that beer.

still trying...

while we chat more about assignments.. Do you see how they use those wooden thing as a table?

Trust me, there were more that we tested. 

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