Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1000 Kisses Anyone?

Kiss me, under the blue blue sky...
I was at the 1000 Kisses Lip Tint Exchange last Saturday in Watson Sungei Wang. At 10am, there was already a line queuing to get their hands on the luscious, intense, and vibrant colours of the New Rimmel London's Lip Tint. Also, our very own Ms Universe Malaysia 2010, Nadine Ann Thomas was there to give away these free Kisses! She is such a sweetheart :)

Line up, line up.... and Like Rimmel London's FB page!

Fill in your particulars so they can keep in contact with for the next fun activity.
Then drop your old lipstick. Btw, only first 50 gets the opportunity to try those Kisses!

They have makeup artist to teach you how to use the Lip Tint. 
Step 1: Apply at the tip that looks like a marker pen. It is so easy to use, really like a pen. So precise.
Step 2: Let the tint dry on your lips for a while then use the Balm to seal the deal! 
*while waiting, your lips might feel dry because it is a tint. Thus the use of balm as a moisturiser. 

Then take a poloroid picture with our Beauty Queen! 

Mummy-Daughter shopping day with 1000 Kisses on their lips!

A bunch of friends came all the way to play with their new lip product and having a picture perfect moment with Ms Universe. 

Doreen, someone new I met. She was on the way to her Japanese class. I gave her my extra old lipstick for the exchange. Now she owns 1000 Kisses!

Dila the beautiful, love her smile! 

Brand Knights Unite! 

More play time with Rimmel. 

Testing the colours.... I'm just surprise that most of the samples in Watson are drying up already. Can't really test the colours properly. :( 

and some of the balms were pushed into the tube till we don't how to take out.

Me and Nadine!

Yup, this is me and my 1000 Kisses!

All the old, used and unwanted exchange lipsticks.


Henry Tan said...

awww i wanna get a kiss from Ms Universe too! =DDD

Wai Yee aka Rane said...

Looks fun but too bad can't made it at last :(