Saturday, April 28, 2012

Wanna Be Sweet?

Etude House Malaysia New Concept Launching

Etude house is one of the first few famous Korean skincare and cosmetics brand in Malaysia. "A playful space where girls can come everyday to enjoy makeup" They are making sure that we are pampered and are able to test and try the beauty and skincare product in the store before purchasing. 

Etude imported every single pieces in the shop to create the original ambience. If you can see, the chandelier, display wall and even paper bags your receive too!

Etude would like to announce on their 4th anniversary celebration starting on 
1 May 2012. There will be BIG DISCOUNTS and SURPRISES going to happen on the 1 May 2012 at Sunway Pyramid. 
Girl's Heaven!

Welcome to the playhouse!

This is one of the new skincare range.

They are milk talk shower liquid with cute sponges! Comes together and sold separately if you only want the sponge.

Stick perfume.


This is very in now, magnetic polishes. 

Seriously, it's jelly!

Hair Mask that comes in a shower cap form!

Eye cream in a stick form

I bought this! For my popping pimples recently. Will review soon. 

If you want to try Etude and don't want to pay full price, 
on the 1 May 2012 
for BIG DISCOUNTS and Surprises!

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