Sunday, April 15, 2012


The night where all fans go crazy. I'm not joking, it was really full house! It jammed for 2 hours around sunway, no parking till about 10pm and jam packed inside too! When I was in, I had no idea where I am suppose to be. Lols, Thank God Benjamin Foo shouted my name while I was already on my way out of the event about 10.30pm. He was kind enough to show me to my special seat at the Cabana 2 that was just for Nuffnangers!

When I was at the Cabana, I finally can breath, it was on the right side of the stage but it was away from the crowd. So awesome cause we have a place of our own, with tables, chairs and FAN! Wahahahaha! I feel so lucky, well also, not forgetting free beers for us.


Jaz teman-ed me for the event. 

Food for crazy expensive! 

Nuffnang Booth! :D With Bloggers!

Kian Fai aka. Edmund
Taught me about who are all those chinese performers and where are they from. :D

My first exposure to these bands who sings with bad word for every single song. Lols, the funniest part was when they ask everyone to sing chorus that is the bad word itself! Kian Fai aka. Edmund and I was laughing all the way as we were in awe with the performance. Kian Fai educated me of the bands that performed and  give me insight of who are they and how theirs songs are like. 

Anyways, I didn't drink much also, Lols, I can't even finish one can but I brought home 2 just for fun!

I enjoyed myself due to the friends I had there! :D Bloggers for the win!


Xue Ren said...

they even have a NN booth eh? so nice! :D

JQ Lee said...

They call it cabana i think :D

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

I was in front of the stage!
Didn't see anyone I know there :(