Monday, April 30, 2012

The Sloane Clinic

Where beauty comes with pain and terror.... Lols NAH, Just JOKING. 

It's not the case for The Sloane Clinic along Jalan Maarof, Bangsar. 

Yup, this is the only outlet you can find in Malaysia but you can find quite a number of them in Singapore. 

Say hello to Dr. Low Chai Ling, her presentation may be long but certainly not boring. She introduced us to many of the clinic's treatment and services. They categories their services from The Face Clinic, The Skin Clinic, The Body Clinic, The Hair Clinic and The Plastic Surgery Clinic. The Sloane Clinic philosophy is to provide only quality treatments because they believe patients deserve nothing less. Their comprehensive armamentarium of both non-invasive and surgical aesthetic services allows them to meet all your beauty needs with any limitations or biases.

For that day, mainly we were told about The Face and Skin Clinic. I've learned that botox can help you shape your face by making your jawline looks sharper and omgosh, the bomb is when we were introduced with Natural Fillers. They are Hyaluronic Acid comes in an injectable gel to fill up spaces in your face. Sounds weird? Not really, in some point it makes great sense, for matured skin, face sagging is concerned and that is because you lost collagen which creates empty spaces that makes your face sag. These fillers enhance your natural look by restoring volume to your skin and revitalizing your appearance.

For younger ladies, Natural Fillers will help in giving you a sharper nose, a fuller cheeks or even a fuller lips! I almost wanted to use my complimentary treatment for a sharper nose! Seriously!

In the presentation, we were also introduced on the greatness of Ulthera and Thermage. They are both about lifting skin without surgery! How great is that, instant results that could probably last for about 6-8 months or more depending on your lifestyle. The best part is, it probably only takes about an hour and you can go back to work or daily activities after that. No redness, no pain.

For The Skin Clinic part, they explain much about helping with pigmentation, acne, uneven skintone, skin texture, pores and scars. Honestly there's so much of treatments available even I can't spell it all out for you! Please visit The Sloane Clinic Website for more info about their services and treatments. 

Of course they also have their own skincare line and cosmetic for their customers if you feel that you would prefer using their brand. 

As for me, since I was there and I had the time so I registered as a new patient for a complimentary treatment. The Dr based in Malaysia is Dr Kee Yong Seng and I stated my concern for my recent breakouts again on my forehead and bad blackhead habitants on my nose. He suggested that I do The Milk Peel where they uses sound waves to remove blackheads and whiteheads for clearer skin and then they used mild pure salicylic acid on my forehead and nose area to clear my mild acne problems. Finally they applied a green tea mask to hydrates and soothes my skin. Truth to be told, no redness or terrible pain. The extraction is done with a electronic devices and you will feel tingling effect like being electrocuted but trust me, is not the same, you can stand the slight discomfort so much better than manual extraction. Let's see if my mild acne clears in one week time :D

Getting prepared for makeup removal. 

Love it that they provide a place for your to change your shoes and hang your bags. 

79, Jalan Maarof,
590000 KL. 
Opens on Mondays to Sundays 10am to 8pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


Jessying said...

after a week do u see any changes?

JQ Lee said...

It clear a little bit of my skin but there are still some bumps on my forehead. I would say it didnt fully worked for me but I do feel it helps by making it easier to squeeze my black heads out. :D Cheesie did fillers, maybe they are best specializes in fillers