Saturday, April 14, 2012

Skin Food the recent stuff

It was way back into Feb maybe? It was long time ago, I Thank Kelly, another blogger for bringing me to this Skin Food event. Loved the settings and food, English Tea :D It was crazy driving all the way to KLCC though. 

I got even more excited when they brought out this big box of goods. Which is just for testing purposes there, I don't the full box of goodies. They grouped us into 3 groups according to skin type, I think ours was more towards brightening and hydrating. 

It was fun testing each product. They all smell so good and so natural. 

Trust me, they smell like how they name their product. So if you don't like ginseng, don't try them. 

I managed to poke my hands into trying a few of their products. 

#1 Skin Food Gold Kiwi Hydrating Mask Food Therapy
It comes in small container of 8ml, if buy they put it into a clear plastic cup like starbucks which may have about 10 of these containers. Pleasant and calming scent, I slept with this mask on once, it does hydrates fairly well. I only had one container and this 8ml I used it for about 4/5 times before finishing it. I didn't apply a super thick layer. Just the right amount will do depending on how you feel that day. 

#2 Good Afternoon Apple Cinnamon Tea BB SPF 36 PA++ & Apple Liquid Eye Liner
The BB was good and smells lovely more towards apple scent rather than cinnamon. It has a thicker texture comparing to other BB that I've used before, thus, gives a slight medium coverage to the skin. 

Liner was alright only, I didn't smell it though. I mean come on, get real, it's a liner, how apple-ly you want it to smell? Lols. I doesn't smudge but it doesn't last 8 hours. The intensity fades about after 5 hours. This is the type of liner where it peels of like a mask instead of smudging everywhere making your eyes black like panda. 

#3 Skin Food Lemon Pack Mask
Surprisingly, doesn't sting my face at all. I thought lemon would do that to my face but no, it was as calming and relaxing as the Gold Kiwi mask but different functions. This act like a soft scrub and then leave it on face like a mask until it is semi-dry before washing off. My skin felt clean and smooth after using this. 

The only thing sad is that I heard it should be use finish after 3-5 months of opening cause is all natural and treat it like how normal food should last. They say that after too long, they will oxidise with the product and may not work as well.  

Happy for these products and I may wanna try more of their Skin care line in the future. :)


Kelvin -KtheBlogger- Tan said...

Used it before when they provided me samples but kinda find it no difference.

Xue Ren said...

I use Skin Food products too! Love their masks! =D

JQLeeJQ said...

Kelvin, maybe cause ur a guy! lols, it doesnt remove pimples but it does hydrates my skin more. :)

XUeren, Me too!