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[Room Tour] Awana Kijal: Golf, Beach and Spa Resort

Hey Peeps, This is Part 3 of my Awana Kijal, Terengganu trip. If you missed out the previous blogpost, do click here: Part 1 & Part 2.

Part 3 will be me blabbing more on Awana Kijal's environment and rooms. Overall, for a 5-star resort I would have liked the place more if the resort has a modern design (maybe cause I am from a younger generation) but we give way to the thought that this resort have been around for quite sometime and Awana Kijal focus highly on Rediscovering Tranquillity, Traditional and Truly Cultural. Thus, the looks, decor and ambience of the resort are very culture inspired with a big congkak and chinese lion dance drums in the lobby area. 

We were all surprised when we were given the key to our rooms because it is Actual KEYS, not cards to open the door. I would say that they have maintained the resort quite well, except for one area, the 'volleyball court' I assumed, the net was loose and the floor looks dirty. I was probably turned off by that as I was a volleyball player in high school and uni. Other than that, the rest of the place are pretty well kept and the rooms are really comfortable. 

The beach is beautiful. Private and clean with loads of seating area. I like the idea of having a my tea-time by the beach enjoying some local delicacies of keropok lekor, satar and otak-otak while sipping my coconut drink from a coconut itself. So for them to have Hut by the beach is just pure genius. 

The pool area is actually big, this is only the kids area with the most interesting looking part of the pool. The jacuzzi was fun with hot water. It is separated from the pool with a little hut for each jacuzzi.

Can you see the Hut on the Left most? That was where I had my Tea with good local food and coconut!

My Room Tour
We were lucky to have Premier Room with SeaView

View from my room, stayed in Level 5 room 518
It may be called seaview but I feel far away from the sea!

Premier Room- Non Seaview
For some reason, there is a bathtub outside your bathroom in your room!
Though I do like the idea of the closet can be opened both sides whether you are in the toilet or room.
Toilet are pretty much similar to mine.

Deluxe Suite
Double door entrance, 2 rooms with one King size bed that links to similar toilets with bath tub and a living hall with sofa set. So if you get angry at your husband/bf, you can kick them into the living at night. lols!

 Premier Suite
Similar to Deluxe suite except that you have a bigger living room, 2 toilets, kitchen, washing area and a backyard!

One of the toilets that links to the kitchen. The other toilet links with the bedroom, that toilet has a bathtub.

Oh, did I forget to mention that you can OWN BOTH THE SUITES? Yup you can have the Deluxe Suite and the Premier Suite called Duplex. They are connected by a hidden stairway within the rooms.

Now the next room is specially for Ministers who needed some relax time. As told, apparently our former PM Pak Lah once enjoyed Awana Kijal Special room! Im not going to say much about the room because most of us can't book it anyway, so I didn't take much of the bedroom and stuff. 

 Let's Talk SPA!

After reviewing their Boucher, they have tons of therapy, massages and packages too that covers from head to toe treatment. It really depends on what you really need from this pampering session. They even have eyebrow shaping, bust treatment, saloon, mani and pedicures services available. 

The Spa is located somewhere behind all the hassle and screaming from kids that you may get in the pool, this is to provide full serenity and relaxation for women and men to let loose and enjoy every moment of it. It has a Grand Entrance that is filled with much cultural elements. A variety of essential oils for the customers preference.  

The rest are a few more facilities that you can find within the resort. 

Pretty much that's about it folks! I would like to Thank Nuffnang and Awana Hotel and Resorts once again for sponsoring this trip to Awana Kijal, Terengganu. I definitely enjoyed my stay with great services from the organizing team and the resort staff! Keep up the good work! 

You can find more info on the resort and room rates at their website @ Awana Kijal

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