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If you are reading this part 2 first, please do go to part 1 to see what happened before this :D

Welcome to the part 2 of my Genting Awana Kijal Series! It was just only a few days ago when I came back to Klang Valley, I can still feel the amazing pumped and much fun that I had in the 3 day 2 nights trip to Terengganu. If you missed part 1, a summary keyword would be welcome drink, fireflies, turtles, batiks and stuffed crabs!
Let's Continue....

If you are a Malaysian, you will not, not know about Keropok Lekor. It is the most famous fish cracker in thick/thin form with sweet chilli sos accompany along with it. 

This is in their boiled state where we could buy some home to cut and fry them ourself or you can buy the ready fried there. :)

Below is something that I never knew, Satar. I think it is a mix of Fish meat and coconut milk. It has a sweet taste once it is cooked over a hot burning coal. Again it is so cheap, Rm3 or Rm4 for 10 of the little packets that are nicely poke through the skewer. Btw, I ate them before watersport by the beach and I accidentally chewed on a chilli padi!!!! Burning sensation!!!!!!!!! I was literally screaming for help and asking for ice water. Lols!

Yes, my dream came true, another thing to scrap off my list of the things to do before I grow older. The Watersport, always wanted to try them but is either too expensive or just plain too young in the past. Now I'm all aboard to anything that was offered! Okay mainly just Jet Ski, ATV and Banana ride.

I was supposed to ride one of these babys ATV but most of them was occupied and it was drizzling, so....

Jess and I sat on the US ARMY Mini Jeep! It was so funny, we were laughing all the way as it is super bumpy and we literally press the accelerator to the maximum. Or else, where the fun is :p 

They have bicycle wither single or double. Common stuff but it will be nice to take a stroll of the beach with these cheap rides with your love ones, can be quite romantic :) 

Of course these are for when you go for Golf in Awana Kijal. They have a big course to conquer! Big playground for Golfies.

The ultimate Jet Ski. The one that got away...... The one...... that I wanted to try for a very long time. 

Kids are to be accompanied by Adults!

Yum Yum Yum, this is what I am talking about, Keropok Lerok that is filled with real fish meat and not just flour! Plus the thick sweet chilli that is not been diluted by water. Can you see the otak-otak behind, goodness, it is so aromatic! They were not stingy on their spices. 

Awana Kijal do have these Sweet Coconuts, you may as to buy one from them. The meat is thick to be scrapped off the coconut, uh la la, it reminds you that your are on a beach!

I didn't have any pictures of me with the jet ski, Jess took my pictures with her camera though. :) If you are afraid, you can request them to sit behind you and accompany you. I had the person teaching me first, then I went alone full speed! Hallelujah, the freedom you will feel, like the whole world is yours!

Stole some picture from FB because I had none of me while I was playing watersport!

This is call the AirHead. All you got to do is just hold tight and hang in there, lols, Merryn fell twice! Jess and I looked at each other when she gone missing. 

Awana Kijal watersports staff, me, Merryn and Jess

Jess giving me some Spa Therapy with Beach Sand, the natural scrub! LOLS!

Opps after a long fun evening at the beach, we made our way to the pool and jacuzzi after for a little hot dip. I didn't felt like leaving when we were just floating in the jacuzzi, goodness, we needed to dragged our own bodies up because they are closing at 7.30pm and to get ready for dinner. I was not satisfied, hehe, so I went back to my room and prepared a hot bubble bath. I was utterly surprised with how much bubbles the resort soap can make!

Dinner was Steamboat (halal, well everything is halal there), another thing that you can get with Awana Kijal. They do have other places like the pizza parlour and etc. You can check with the receptions for more details when you are there or even just check out their website here and pre-plan what you want to do here. They have a wide variety of things you can do even at the resort itself.

Steamboat was alright, nothing much that can screams awesome and their dessert for it is not very happening but OMGosh, please ask about their Ala-carte menu, I had their grilled prawns. Goodness Ma Ma Mia, Brava, I love them! 

After walking back with a full stomach, it's time to sleep again...... I remember Ice (remember my roommate) and I was like watching some movie on the tv, Awana Kijal have a decent amount of channels that is clear and will interest us, they list everything in a paper with numberings. Lols, we watched until I fell asleep then Ice switched the tv and lights off. Sleepzzzzzz.

Day 3

The final day..... I don't want to leave! But it was hard to get 3G and internet connections there. For Internet in Awana Kijal, sadly, you have to pay a small amount for internet usage, best connection is around the lobby area. For 3G users, best you can get is Edge or GPRS. So in some ways, we appreciate our unstable 3G because it is better than no 3G. Lols.

No doubt breakfast at Restaurant Kampong in Awana Kijal was good :D This time they got roti canai! Handmade by chefs there, they were friendly and can say 'once you try our Awana Roti Canai, you will sure come back for more!' Hahahah, I was laughing and it definitely made my morning a Good Morning with good food and friendly staffs.

Off we go to see some Lemang making and testing. They are glutinous rice and coconut milk wrapped in banana leaves and stuffed in these bamboo sticks to be cooked standing over coal fire. Best to eat it while is hot and to be eaten with Serunding (dried meat that can be fish or beef). Another awesome traditional Malay food that made me feeling blessed being in Malaysia.

So it's time for lunch, where else but the famous Hai Peng that was packed when we reached the place. I think there is one in KL pavillion, you can check it out on google. :) They are famous for their coffee, cukup Kau! 

Btw, their homemade mayo is light and nice :) 

Jess loves her egg, needed to cool her fingers after cracking those eggs. 

Pretty much that is it for my trip so far. We stopped by Salted Fish store along the way back but is not a biggie part here. The coming part 3 will be about the rooms and more about Awana Kijal itself, do check it out to see a room where our Pak Lah the previous Prime Minister had his stay in Awana Kijal. :D

Also, I am hereby announcing my next trip is to Johor! This is my own trip with a friend though. :)

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