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If you have been following my Twitter and Facebook, you should already figured out I was away for a sponsored trip to Genting Awana Kijal, Terrenganu for 3 days 2 nights. I had an awesome time staying and utilizing their facilities provided in the great 5 star resort. The place might be old but it was well maintained and my room was as good as new. I will be blogging about their Rooms and Spa later but part 1 and 2 will be about me me me and awana Kijal!

Day 1
All bloggers and other staffs of genting and nuffies gathered at Wisma Genting KL, started our 5 hours journey with some awesome coffee bean in the bus. Some families drove down the resorts themselves. We stopped for lunch at the famous Pak Su Seafood Restaurant. 

Of course, as bloggers, we just love to get our pictures taken for memories. That wasn't all of us, some bloggers are missing.

After a good lunch, we reached the resort in about a hour or so. We were welcomed with some thirst-quenching tropical HELLO juice (okay, I made that up :P) But the juice was no longer cold when we reach. Still yummy though and also I love the warm towels provided. :D

While waiting to be checked in to our rooms, we sit and sip and just relax for a while.

Please wait for Part 3 to see how my room looks like :D I was checked into Premier Room with a fantastic Seaview. Shared a room with a another blogger, ICE.

As much as I was tired, I couldn't resist not joining Ice, Teh and Suzie (another friend) for a walk down the beach. I love the beach!
Soft sands turns wet as the waves hit the shores, the smell of the salted sea brings calm and serenity while you close your eyes imagining oh happy times. The fantastic clear, blue water reflects the majestic bright sky. With this private beach, you can feel the wonders of the world with just one breath.  

Buffet dinner wasn't all that great, they have much varieties but nothing really catches my attention other than their tasty tempura! There is one thing I like, they have much varieties in sauces too. :D

Oh wait and I love the authenticity of using metal cups for our Teh Tarik and Kopi Tarik, so Mamak and Malaysian! Genius! This will help non-malaysian to feel some of our culture even in a 5 star resort!

After dinner was taking a trip to see Fire Flies! I was extremely excited, jumping around like a kid as it was my first time to see and touch actual Fire-flies! Unfortunately, there is no way any of us could take any pictures of how beautiful its made the river. Everywhere you turn under this pitch black condition, you will see dots of yellow lights blinking all over trees. They are as tiny as a bug but they are harmless and human friendly! They guy who lead the boat was filled with knowledge about Fire-flies and we were educated with much information about stars and fire-flies! This night trip is one of the fun and adventure tours you can enjoy  that Awana Kijal provides at a reasonable rate.

Then we were brought to see Mesra Mall, the biggest mall in Kertih. I think the only one with a cinema, bowling and etc. Trust me, it is not big at all, it is one floor only, probably smaller than mid valley's groud floor! We also were brought to pass by Petronas oil plantation, the beauty of it is the lights that they shine every nice. It is really beautiful even thought it is nothing much.

One the first day itself, I get to meet and talk to most of the people that took the bus to Awana Kijal. I'm so happy when I get to expand my network. :D Everyone was friendly and nice.

Day 2

I had a good breakfast, partly maybe because they had my basics of croissant and butter! I can eat croissant all day and everyday! They also have a great bunch of other food like turkey ham, and waffles, scramble eggs ad etc. Good stuff. :) Thumbs up for their breakfast!

After eating full full, we left Awana Kijal for a Kampung Tour, another package provided by the resort at a reasonable price. They brought us to Kuantan Cherating area to see turtles, crafts and etc.

First stop, turtle century. They are so adorable!

Again, another very knowledgeable pak cik explaining to us about these turtles. Did you know that they can eat up to 2 kg of food includes fish and vege? When they want to lay eggs, they can choose their babies gender! If the weather temperature is hot around 27-34 degree, it will be female while 26-24 degree it will be males. They will know how to choose to bury the eggs under a tree if they want a cooler place. Other temperature than mentioned in prior, they will die of heat or cold.

We continued our Kampung Tour to a place where they teach you how to weave. First person to run to the class is Ethan, the youngest among us, sitting there trying to help mak cik. It's quite a long process, you have to have to tear the 'daun' into thin equal strips and dry them till it goes dry. The drying process really depends on the weather and after than dying those dried leaves into the colours you want before weaving it into something.

Well I was just there sitting and get my picture taken, :p wasn't really doing any weaving. 

Jess trying to look good pretending to weave. Such a model she is!

The things that you can do are just amazing. You can make a coaster, bags of all sizes and purpose and etc! Seriously, if you want something like this, do come down to Teregganu to get one as it is really cheap here instead of buying from a craft store. 

Next we were sent off to Batik the making. This is where we get to paint our own batik art, not for clothes but for fun :) and again, it is so cheap!!! What you do is to choose the pre-drawn images with wax and then you sit and paint! Your kids will love it. 

Something that they had done. :) That is for sale. 

After done painting, Thank God for the hot weather, we dried them before being taken out from the wooden  blocks attached to them in the beginning. 

Painting these batiks were so much fun but mind you to keep an extra time in you hands because to paint something nice takes a whole lot of time :) Next we were at lunch, Awana Kijal people brought us to try their famous Stuffed Crabs!!!!

Oppss this is not the stuffed crabs. This is Teh on left and Ice on right. 

This is the stuff crabs. I never knew it will looked like this. Lols, It is awesome because it is so easy to eat, they peeled everything for you! You just got to eat the meat that is stuffed into this shell which is fried on the other side to make sure nothing fall off. 

The end for part 1..... Part 2 coming soon that consist about me, keropok lekor, satar, jet ski, jip, more awana kijal and etc!

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