Monday, April 16, 2012

Find Audi Cars @ Carsifu


Now who doesn't want these Beautiful Audi....... now you can own one.... maybe cheap :D

Guess how did I know that Audi even existed? Because my boyfriend constantly screams our of joy when an Audi passes by. Oh I forgot, not only real Audi pass by, he screams and get all excited when we Pass by a billboard that presents Audi. Lols.

If you trying to find one of this, try CarSifu Audi, they have a wide selection of these babies. Whether you like it new or second handed, they should have something for everyone.



They have a huge colour selection as well! Everything is just one click away! 

They will show you description and specs of the car, location, year and even price! Even if you don't plan to buy it anytime soon, you can always just go browsing for research or just to see more of your favourite car!

This handsome fellow is a German automobile manufacturer from supermini to crossover SUVs in various body styles and prices ranges that are marketed unser the Audi brand, positioned as the premium brand within the volkswagen group.

I won't lie, I have seen and touch a couple of Audi in my life. Hehe, literally, seen and touched only because Taylor's, my uni have quite a number of rich kids. Thus, many times I will run my fingers on the surface of the car while I passes them by. Then stop for a little while and give a big sigh of 'maybe, just maybe if I can get something like that'. Then walk away. Lols, I know right, like so depressing. It's okay, maybe one day I will purchase them from CarSifu Audi when I start working soon :D

Did you know?

For the bodyshells, Audi produces 100% galvanised cars to prevent corrosion and was the first mass-market vehicle to do so!

The Audi emblem is four overlapping rings that represent the four marques of Auto Union. 

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Audi cars are my favorite actually. Audi TT is the best :)