Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Avengers movie review

Hello Baby! I was lucky enough to get an invite for the media screening to the Avengers this morning, all thanks to Jess for making me the plus one. I get to enjoy my Avengers in IMAX 3D, super comfy seat and big big screen wit amazing comfort of 3D glasses only at TGV.

I know everyone is waiting for this big thing and there is tons of hype about it. Which ever super hero you idolize, you will be screaming like a little kid when you watch them on the big screen.

So Stark aka Ironman. I have no idea what is he all about and I never watch anything of Ironman previously because I thought that he is not as real heros as the rest, so I left him out. But damn I was wrong, in Avengers, he plays one of the major role. I salute him for his awesome gadgets and electronics as I am a very tech-ish person, I love technologies a lot, I am always in awe with new toys like tablets, laptops, and hps. Stark is somewhat the most advanced person in the show and he is smart too, he knows alot of how things works. In Avengers, he is one of the funny ones but for a talkative person, he has alot of pride and ego in him. He is portrayed as a self-centred man and is all about him, in the end, he was the one that took the risk for everyone. :)

Captian America! or Steve Roger. No one can forget about him, the oldest Superhero in history. Tall, white and handsome! Just so darn cute. In this movie, he is seen as slightly powerless as he is fighting against aliens or practically Gods where they have some awesome gamma ray guns or what so ever. He can't fly, Thor and Hulk definitely surpasses his strength and he has no clue about technologies because he came from the past. However, I like one scene in the movie where Phil (a great right hand man of Fury, the pirate eye guy) says "in this situation, we need a little old fashion". It's true, sometimes we need someone that is not so modern to be apart of the geng. In this movie, he is describe as someone with great solider and commanding skills, he gives orders in this group because he can think fast and know what is best in a specific situation. Of course, his shield is his greatest pride, great defends with that, even Thor can't use his hammer to smack Captain America's ass when the shield is protecting him. That is how powerful the shield is.   

Bruce Banner is The HULK! The big and green monster, I never thought that he was always being depicted as dangerous and a bad creature. I honestly don't remember of him not being able to control the other him (Hulk), maybe cause I never really watched Hulk movies too. Lols. Anyways, Banner called into the Avengers just as a genius to locate some square energy box that is the gate to open the portal for Loki to bring his army down to rule earth. In the end, he was being agitated and turned into the mighty hulk, uncontrollable at first but somehow at the end managed to control himself and knowing who are his team members instead of just smashing everyone he sees. One funny part was when he purposely punch Thor, HAHAHA, everyone was laughing and clapping hands. It was hilarious!

Barton aka Hawkeye is the smallest and weakest among all but he has great soldiering brains just like Captain America and superb arrowing skills. Not just that, his arrows are multi-purpose, some bomb, some to stick on walls like spiderman and etc. He was turned bad at first by Loki but after the Black Widow saved him by knocking is head really hard, he came back to join the team. Some people felt that if anyone should die in this movie, it should be him cause apparently his character is like 'nasi ditepi gantang'. To have or not have him in the movie doesn't really make much difference.  

Loki, the bad guy in the movie and brother of Thor. The bad guys always somehow looks very problematic like joker. He resembles a whole lot of Joker from batman in this movie, he seemed more revengeful and less mercy in this movie compared to Thor the movie. Very manipulative and feels very immortal just like those hero.

Thor oh Thor, how are thou art. Such an englishman, lols, you will see one scene where ironman make fun of his slang. It was sooo funny! He came down to earth hoping to help save his brother from the insanity of trying to rule earth just because Loki didn't manage to be king in his own land. He needs to be powerful in another galaxy. Such compassion Thor has but later on he realizes that his brother is helpless, too 'gila power' and also know that Loki is angry at Thor for over shadowing him since young. At the end, Thor brought this brother back to their own land.   

Phewit, Natasha aka black widow, the only fighting super hot babe. Love her red hair. Then again, she is also only good with her fighting techniques and guns. Other than that she can't do much. I guess she is the one that help brings the boys back to base and assist them in any way that she can. I mean come on, this movie will not be complete with a hot babe fighting as a hero too. 

Overall, I think the hype for this movie is not wrong. It is worth that much of a hype. Common fighting stuff how other superhero shows but is great to catch it in the cinema for the sound system and the big great screen as there is a lot to watch for this 2.5 hours movie. There are some tiny boring part in the middle where loads of talking going on but overall I think it is definitely a 4.5/5 rating. 

Please do stay back after credits cause they show a snippet of what to expect next. There will definitely be a  sequel. 


missyblurkit said...

Dang I missed the media screening today! can;t wait to catch it this weekend.

Kian Fai Koh said...

why la u no watch Ironman then go watch Avengers! Haram tao? :P