Thursday, March 29, 2012

ZALORA Makeover Contest

ZALORA Malaysia, one of the fastest growing online fashion shopping mall announce their first ZALORA Makeover Contest!

Stand a chance to win up to RM1500 worth top-to-toe outfit makeover! 
Not only me, but you! One of my readers stand a chance to have the same faith as me!

I am so excited!  

So I was told to blog about my desired clothing items under the budget of RM1500. Just a brief explanation of why I pick what I pick.

1. Budget Barbie, Picking from the under RM100 section from ZALORA
ZALORA is known for having high-end brands which leads to the stereotype of being over-priced or expensive. I'm going to challenge myself to mix and match all items pick below for 14 days, that is if I win this contest. I will be wearing them to campus, work, hangouts, parties and etc. Basically it will move around with my life for the whole 14 days! I will be blogging about it every 2-3 days showing my OOTD. This is to prove that we can actually get a lot out of ZALORA if we know where to look. :D

2. Latest trend: Solid colour blocking, nudes, and to play-safe black.
I'm going to (try) follow the latest fashion trends when I parade my outfit of the day through my daily activities. Hopefully, I'm doing it right. :) This is to describe ZALORA as a online shopping mall that is current and updated.

3. Doubles
There are 2 items that I have decided to take in 2 colour. No reason why, just because I like :p

4. The Splurge!
Yes, there is ONE item is over RM100 budget, I still picked it because it was listed under the RM100 list. I liked it though, so I guess there are times to splurged.

So let's start!

Sheer Wide Leg Pants
Sheer Wide Leg Pants
rm79 x2

Vintage Boxy Messenger Bag

Cyrus C High Waisted Button Shorts

Slip On Wedge Sandals

Black Lace Up Maxi Dress

Lamina Crochet Racer Back Dress
rm 69.95

Spaghetti Strap Top

High Waisted Velvet Shorts
rm49 (discount: rm24.90)

Vittoria Handbag
rm 170.10
The Splurge 
I dunno why is under the under 100 list.

Bareback Pleated V-Neck Dress
Bareback Pleated V-Neck Dress
rm95.95 (discount rm47.98) x2

Jessica Stripe Puff Sleeve Shirt

Python Trim Hard Case Clutch

Lace Black Top

Full Lace Skirt
rm75 (discount rm37.50)

Sakura Swallow Necklace

Sporty Wedges

Peep Toe Wedges

Tube Slip


There are some items on sale/discount. I'm being mean to ZALORA and assume that I have the privilege of getting the items with discounted price shown on the web! :P 

21 item in Total =  RM 1498.96

Why I want to win this makeover? 
I have always been the denim, shorts and t-shirt kind of girl. I only probably dress up when attending events or whenever I need to. I'm turning 22 and I'm graduating soon, I want to win this makeover contest to make-me-over into a lady-like working adult. I will be joining the working world very soon, I need to start somewhere to grow out of my student look! Winning this makeover will give me the chance to have a set of new wardrobe that will prepare me for work!

NOW It's your turn!
Just comment down below, 

why do you deserve to win this with me?

I might just pick you to win with me!

Also to be eligible to join this contest with me, you will have to Like and Follow them. Links below.


chowchow7 said...

yea yea yea jump!!!!because im the 1st who woke up early to notice ur blog post~~~~weeee.....ok..calm calm excited to have a makeover as my look so boring and dull these days,i need some fashion help here...thanks for the share jq~^^

YEEINGNG ♥ said...

Yayyy!! I want! Because I love fashion as much as all the girls do too and you know we just can't get enough! And also because I want to look best at every event that I attend with you girls. :) So excited!Thanks for the share jq, see ya soon!

Henry Tan said...

oppps too bad i cant participate! anyway good luck everyone! hoho!

Xue Ren said...

Muahaha! Awesome awesome! Of course I want to win this with you! :) Because I want to become a fashionista and shine more than Edward Cullen! =P All these gorgeous outfits from Zalora are more than enough to make me stand out from the crowd! Whoopedooo! :D

Charmaine Pua Li Ping said...

I wanna win this with pretty JQ!! :D
My wardrobe has been so outdated that I feel like throwing them all away and replace with new trendy clothes!

Brenda Teyew said...

I want to win this with JQ because firstly it would be awesome to have some girl time together ( if I got picked) and second of all, love the bohemian like- of pants. Friends of mine always call me the 'casual' girl just because i always wear basic tee and trust me i do have a lot of basic top in all kinds of color. Nude black white red blue green, you name it. So yes! I would like to stand a chance to win this with JQ, change a look of myself and prove my friends that, 'Hey, i can be different too! Wearing something totally different than usual will definitely be cool! :)

simun, andrew's gal said...

Pick me! When it comes to bargain shopping, I'm all out for it. I get my kicks from finding little treasures that are amazingly affordable and awesomely fashionable.

And I LOVE to be a fashion chameleon. No single style should define who I am. From androgynous to feminine, I'm all ready to try anything and everything! So, let's shop!

Hilda Milda™ said...

I wanna win this with you cause you'll then be my fashion guru and teach me how to spend wisely! :D Can't believe that you can get so many things with RM1500! Superb shopping skill I must say (; Plus, it's time to revamp my wardrobe with the latest collection simply cause I wanna look just as awesome as you and won't be running out of clothes to wear. *fingers crossed*

bendan said...

I hope to get the makeover with you because... I want to be as gorgeous as you too, spot the items you choose from Zalora looks great, I think both of us will looks great with those item too!! Haha!! Dull working life, is time to makeover and change, so do you, changing into the working life like me. =X

CCLiew said...

I deserve to win this with you because apparently we have the same fashion taste LOL!

JQ Lee said...

Thank you all for participating! I so happy to see so many ppl join. I will pick one to join me with this adventure if I win :D Will update soon. So at the mean time, this contest in close :) any other comment further down will not be entitle to be picked to join me for the contest.

ErikaToh said...

Wow, I love the items you picked and displayed!!

21 stylish and easily mixed and matched items for a total of less than RM1500 - what a bargain you've made!!

It would be great to have the privilege to go on a makeover with you and document the whole exciting process/transformation along the way.

They say it's not the destination but the journey that counts. I wish you all the best and if you do win, do pick me as your partner in crime and we'll paint the town in psychedelic colours!!

Hurray!! ;D