Sunday, March 4, 2012

Windows 8 Preview

I know I blogged lots about beauty, fashion and lifestyle but I am always very interested in technologies as well.  So if you see my youtube subscription, you can find a couple of tech-youtubers to keep myself updated on the latest gadgets and software. 

I am super amazed with Windows 8 but I'm not sure if I'm gonna upgrade from Windows 7. My last Laptop OS was a Vista and I never upgraded to anything latest until I got a new laptop. However, if I have a tablet or iPad I would consider using Windows 8 as it seems friendlier with it. Well, I mean I would prefer using my fingers to play with the features rather than using a mouse on my laptop. It is a huge change from 7 to 8, much more cool features going on.


LauraLeia said...

I heard about Windows 8 from the radio news, sounds pretty cool but not sure if i wanna change OS or not. I'm still using Vista! lol

Anne Lee said...

I just got to know about Windows 8 from your blog. thanks for the update. keep it up