Thursday, March 1, 2012

Product review: Loreal & Garnier

I have actually put up the video for quite some time but I just didn't have the time to complete this blog post. Haha. I did an overall run through of the new products that I will be trying out last month (check blog post here) So here's my review on these few products. 

Loreal Paris Perfect Clean (Refreshing) Combination-normal Skin
  • Smells great
  • Truly refreshing as claimed. 
  • It gives a cooling feel after wash.
  • Leaves a clean finish without over cleanse your skin. Though, if you have dry skin, don't use the scrublet daily, it will be too harsh for your skin. I have dry skin, so I just wash without the scrublet most of the time.  
  • It doesn't reduce the size of your pores but the scrublet did a great job in pores cleaning.  
  • Sadly, the cap stores water and leaked a bit while travelling. 

Loreal Paris Youth Code Pre-essence
  • Smells good.
  • Water based that will sink into skin perfectly.
  • Does improves skin hydration quickly.
  • Did helped to make my skin look less tired. 
  • For aging people, this should help with fine lines and wrinkles after a long period of usage.
  • Good and bad, it pumps out a small amount of product. I prefer that it fully sucks the product into the whole tube rather than just a section of it but in some ways, it helps in controlling the amount of product used and to not over pumped it. 

Loreal Paris White Perfect Radiance Boosting Double Essence

  • Smells good (I said this for every Loreal product, lols)
  • Like the idea of 2 product in a bottle being freshly mixed by me before application for a better effect. 
  • Skin feels more radiant and not overly rosy. Brought life to my dull face. 
  • You have to position your finger in the middle of the pump to get equal amount of product. 
  • Light weight and easy to travel.

Garnier Skin Natural Light BB Eye Roll-on (Natural)

  • Love these! Tinted eye cream. 
  • Instantly brightens up my eyes.
  • Looks a bit unhygienic and messy because I will still have to blend it out with my fingers after applying but you wouldn't care after a while when you see it gives instant brightening and slight coverage. 
  • I do look more awake as it hides and reduces dark circles
  • It doesn't crease after well blended into skin. I apply a bit on my lids as well because my lids are slightly darker due to all the dark shadows and liners. 
  • I only use it for day because I'm not sure if it is suitable to use at night due to the BB cream elements. 
Watch video above for more info. 
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Merryn said...

WoW! Love what the Garnier Skin Natural Light BB Eye Roll-on (Natural)can do! I must try this too :)

Merryn said...

WoW! Love what the Garnier Skin Natural Light BB Eye Roll-on (Natural)can do! I must try this too :)

SyingK said...

I was contemplating in actually trying the Garnier BB eye roll-on cream because I've heard reviews that the yellow one doesn't work… but yeah, I should try the BB Cream one after reading your comments :D

JQ Lee said...

Maybe for my fairer skin. I helps brighten up my eyes instantly because it some what conceals my under eyes circle. You have blend it very well. It is a medium coverage only as it is a bb eye cream not a concealer. But the brightening effect should be able to see.