Saturday, March 24, 2012

Logitech Mini Boombox Brings Great Sound Wherever You Go

Mobile Speaker-and-Speakerphone Combo Lets you Rock Out and Make Calls from 
Bluetooth-Enabled Devices

A compact sound system for music, movies, games and calls that pairs easily with smartphones, tablets and other Bluetooth®-enabled devices. It features a specially designed acoustic chamber that lets you enjoy great sound with enhanced bass, and the handy speakerphone with built-in mic gives you clear calls in the office, in the car or in the back yard. It's great for phone calls or video chats — alone or with a group.

It has an internal battery that charges over USB — so you never need to worry about replacing batteries — and it stays powered for up to ten hours, depending on usage and environmental settings. Bigger environment will be a bit softer but it is pretty loud. 

It retails at RM 299.00. 


Mimala said...

great post nia

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shi zhan said...

レイバンは、もはや我が家のサインと友達に言われている。家族全員が大ファンで、それぞれのレイバン モデルを愛用している。お父さんがいつも使っているのがRB3183、お母さんがRB2143、あたしの場合、レイバン aviatorのRB3025が愛用しすぎで、夜中でも必ずかけっている!