Thursday, March 8, 2012

Charles and Keith Warehouse sale: Should you go?

Ok, so I was at Charles and Keith warehouse sale 2012. I wish I had time to drop by at 10am but sadly I had a 3 hours tortures class. After getting out of the class, excited I am rushing to the big scene. 

*BOOOOMMMM* The excitement dropped to frustration because the 'Lorong' (pathway) is so small and everyone parked on both lanes. There is a school nearby, I pity them for the final 2 days. They will have to join the race for the best shoes. I was caught in the chaos for about 20minutes NOT MOVING AT ALL because everyone (mostly ladies) is so unforgiving and no mercy on International Women Day! and also because we have to wait for a lousy driver who don't know how to park her car ended up scratching her own car to fit into a small spot. 

The lorong cleared after peak hours, about 2.30pm-4.30pm seems fine. 
Note to not go During lunch hours (you don't have time to shop at all) of after office hours and before and after school hours. If you really want to join the craze fun-nan-za, take leave but don't tell your boss.

The blood bath just begun, due to the astonishing amount of warriors that were already in the battlefield fighting for their life. The newly trained whom just got pass the parking stage will have to wait outside.   

Thankfully, they have the smart mind to put a tent and some chairs with some fans while the people wait. They also provided some umbrellas hung at the entrance that is connected to the exit.  

I didn't have wait very long until it was my turn to get it. You will meet the usual commandos that covers and lock your bad with a plastic bag. Also, if you want, they provides big recycle bag for you to put the shoes you buying in so you can shop more. 

They stated their price range on top and the first counter describes Rm9- I think 30. There were scares variety of belts and bags only. "I was like woah, bags for rm9? Grabing!!" Dreams crashed once again, the bags were priced range between Rm80-120. Some people even double check and ask if it is after discount and some even say "no wonder the booth nobody cause so expensive". I assumed that by the time I went there, all the nice cheap stuff is gone cause girls will have to have 10 of each because it is cheap and because it is branded. Still it was pretty misleading to put those bags there. 

Price after discount.

Price after discount.

That's that, now we move on to shoes, where they concentrate more and have more varieties. There's lots and lots of shoes but again, there's lots and lots of Women (and some men) of all ages squeezing themselves towards the tables. Literally, even when there is no holes between 2 people, they will just make a hole for themselves. 

It was hot, lack of oxygen and whole place smoked with human sweat smell. Though, again they have some big fans in a few areas. If you wan you can stand in front of the fan and let everyone else smell your body odour. :p Funny thing is I read some other blogs about this, people actually still can FART in this kind of conditions. Lols!

There were about 5-6 booths of RM19-29 and they are all packed with women with amazing shopping skills. Averagely small size girl like me can't even get to the table, so YOU CANNOT PLAY NICE. Everyone is so moody there, haha, people accidentally bang your shoulders also there is no sorry. Everyone is on their own. 

You will have to shout/call loudly to get the person behind the tables attention so they will know your existence because there is really too many people to attend to and they are really lacking of staff. Any for them to find one pair of shoes definitely takes time. That is why don't shop with just your lunch time, is not enough.

Price range increase to RM80 for shoes and they have a special section for only 50% discount. 
Not all shoes have price tagged on it. You will have to ask. 

 When this guy comes out and going to attend people, I can literally see everyone holding up their shoes and asking for this attention. "Adik Adik, dik dik, excuse me, hello hello" Lols, so fun to be a Malaysian. This guy was smart enough to inform us saying that he will start from left to right and from smallest size to bigger sizes. There was probably about 20 ladies waiting to be attended by him and there was no one else there. This is not even the booth of Rm19-29, I think is was about Rm30-60. 

Payment area was nothing to be rave about. They have 8 counters with different payment system and it will be a darn long line during peak hours. This was taken at about 2.30pm, less people.

If they are tired, they will just sit on the floor after taking all the shoes they want and try them on before thinking if they really want it or not. Some even came with babies and strollers, sit at the corner fanning while waiting for their who ever to grab all the shoes.  

I really think if you can skip this sale, then skip it. If you don't have the urgency to need to really get something, then don't go. 

Video taken this afternoon to entertain you.

BTW, I walked out empty handed. :) 
 So should you go?
Last 2 days. 
Wisma GBA
6, Jalan ss3/4, section 13, 
subang jaya industrial estate,
47500 subang jaya, selangor. 


Chuen said...

I was there too! SO many ppl! Did you manage to get anything?

JQ Lee said...

Li chuen, I saw your blog, hahaha, U got so many shoes. I didnt get anything. Just walk out empty handed. haha

Chuen said...

Ohh... I didn't see your last paragraph! xD

LauraLeia said...

Wah, luckily i didn't go! C&K shoes not really my style, so... yeah. lol
I read Careen's blog about it too, sounds like a 'fun' event HAHA

Jessying said...

woots glad u post and i could read!!! err... i think lucky i didnt go today, wearing dress and heels, i think mati inside liao.. not that cheap as i expected! so dis-organised lah the way how u can get your shoes, if they going to use the method of this kinda, must got a lot of staffs to attend to customers. Or else I will prefer to grab the shoes myself.. they could learn like how crocs do their warehouse sale, where it is arranged according to price and you can grab the shoes size for urself.

JQ Lee said...

Chuen, hehe, erm, I posted it last minute after you commented, forgot to tell ppl tat i din get anything. lols.

Laura, yup I resd from careen blog as well. REAL 'FUN' :D

Jess, Thanks for your advise to ask me to post it up. I know, even nose warehouse sale system was also ok. I prefer to just pick my self too!

Henry Tan said...

haha thats what happen to all the warehouse sales!

FiSh. ohFISHiee said...

i failed to get anything due to the huge crowd, my goodness..

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