Monday, February 13, 2012

ZALORA Malaysia

Similar to 
That's what I think. 

I was someone tweeting about it and I thought, 'it is just going to be another fashion web-retail that sells in all other currency other than Malaysian Ringgit. Then Groupon was having a 50% voucher on it, out of curiosity, I clicked.

A nice simple webpage with a white background always keeps me from clicking out of the page. So I had a choice of shopping from Malaysia or Singapore. 'Ah... this is nice, finally, RM!'

I was ecstatic-aly browsing through those wonderful images of clothes, shoes and jewellery. Though, I sigh out of sadness as the pricing is pricey.

The website will work for those with disposable amount of money, otherwise, for people like me, we could only afford them as a treat for working hard and long hours.

Even though I could not afford, I will have to say that they have a good range of products and brands. Especially brands, definitely a shopping heaven for shopaholics and people who loves branded goods.

ZALORA is NOT only for Women. They have a wide range of choices for guys too. Makes my shopping easier for my bf. In some ways, I won't have to worry if I am being cheap because I can be sure that I am buying branded goods. The best part, I just got to fill in his address details for shipping straight to his house and surprise him! :D

Talking about shipping, I realise that they have free shipping. Hallelujah! Amen! No more entra RM9 for Pos Laju. Also, they have a 30 days return policy, so if it doesn't fits you, change it! Good lar, be more abit like angmoh country.

I would say browsing in ZALORA is convinient, no hidden areas. You can be very specific in what you want, in terms of colour, brand and etc. Then, when you scroll over the pictures you like, they will show you the back, side and close up of the outfit. People like me, we tend to always scroll the mouse towards the sale% link. xD Though, I didn't see anything I like from there.

However, after spending a certain amount of time of general searching, I did find something-s-s-s I like

Few Fabulous things that I can't afford

I definitely love these Oxford Heels the most. Heart popped out after staring at the price. 

  The groupon deal. Rm80 is fair but I can't combine my vouchers to buy one very expensive stuff. 

So yup, nice place to stop by and browse if you are bored but definitely can't afford on a weekly basis.

I believe the existence of ZALORA will attract the eyes of Fashion Police and Magazines for purchasing guidance to the community. Also, the existence of ZALORA will do some harm to many blogshop owners out there.

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Xue Ren said...

wow! RM40 for RM80 voucher! seems worth it though! :)

btw, i just saw ur taylorian blog. and u're studying mass com there? can u tell me more about it? coz i'm going to study mass com there in march. =)

JQ Lee said...

Xue ren, Yeah rm 80 worth it but I want those things are so ex! haha.

Yu p Im studying at TU Mass comm. Well what do you want to know? email?

*szhen* said...

hey,u are pretty right but i guess they have all these pretty reasonable price clothings and accesories now.its pretty cool

JQ Lee said...

szhen, Thanks for dropping by and yeah, at the moment, for a branded online shopping portal, the price is okay.