Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Would My 3D World be with LG Optimus 3D?

LG Optimus 3D
Capture and View the World in 3D
What a Smart-Phone.
What is it?
A phone that enables you to view everything in 3D without those 3D glasses.
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Do you remember Gamer the movie in 2009?

For some reason I wished they had the show in 3D, it was just one freaking awesome movie. If it was in 3D, I could have felt like I was in the game with the handsome Gerald Butler, running around shooting, feeling as if the bullets was coming at you, felt like you can touch the guns and the explosion will make you feel like you are flying off the room!
I want to freaking scream like these kids!
To feel like they are coming after me!

If 3D is not just for the movies, 

This picture will feel complete!

If I have a LG Optimus 3D, I would literally take a picture of my dark, killer photoshoots and make it come alive!

You know what is better? I would compile a slideshow of my Nikita-feel photoshoots in 3D and it would make myself to believe that I am a spy gone rouge! I will probably make a short movie of it. :P

Don't laugh but I've always wanted to be in an action pack movie like Nikita, Underworld or even like Angelina Jolie playing all the awesome fighting scenes!

To have 3D always with me will give a whole different perspective of the way I see things. Pictures will no longer just be pictures, good memories will probably be condensed when those pictures of your beloved pop-out of that screen.

If I have a 3D Smartphone, all these Chinese New Year 2012 pictures will be portrayed even better and happier than what you are seeing right now.  

This is what my 3D world can be with LG Optimus 3D.