Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Vow Movie Review (no spoiler)

First of all, I would like to apologies for giving out a huge spoiler just moments ago. I just finished watching the movie (bad quality) and I posted something about how I hated the ending because it was just so sad.

Once after I posted it on FB, so many started spamming me "SPOILER ALERT". HAHA, I seriously thought it was out in Malaysia on Valentine's day. I thought I was super outdated and couldn't find it in the cinema anymore. I knew I wanted to watch it because it was a huge hype about it on FB. But it turns out that it was out on US's Valentine's Day, not Malaysia. 

Don't Worry, no spoiler here.

A horrific car accident puts Paige Collins (McAdams) in a coma and gives her a severe memory loss, so her husband Leo (Tatum) works to win her heart again. After several romantic trials, they end up having to start their relationship anew.

Okay so the description of the plot above from Wikipedia totally doesn't do justice of how sad the story is and the impact on you would be worst if you have a special someone in your heart that you deeply love. It will reminds you of him/her, of what will you do or how will you react if someone that you love so much couldn't remember who you are anymore. I shed a tear to be honest, probably because I am in my room and no one was watching me being soft/weak :p I think if I watched it on the big screen, probably would have held it in the tears. Haha. 

I love her short hair with fringe!

To some, this movie might sound cliché. How different can this movie be with those other movie with like, The Notebook for example. Oh My... Rachel McAdams was IN The Notebook =_=" and for some reason, her character always plays as an artist, like in The Time  Traveller's Wife. She always have that beautiful fringe that gives a really nice structure to her face. I was in love with her hair when I watched The Vow. 

Again, her hair, OMG, I want. 

Anyways, the story is a little different than The Notebook because it doesn't tell the whole story of how they met but is more of how two people deals with it and how the husband, Leo (Tatum) have to give her some space to re-discover things even though it hurts so much for him along the process. Definitely, in The Vow, the wife wasn't old when she lost her memory. 

They look so adorable together :)

If you are a hopeless romantic or if you are one of them who secretly loves The Notebook, you will definitely enjoy this. I had a lot of fun watching this movie, it wasn't dull at all. In fact, when I realized I was almost at the end of the movie, I wanted more. I wanted the story to develop or continue even more. Like what happens after that? It was just superb evil of the Director, Michael Sucsy to just end the story like that!  

I didn't know what was the story about before watching it, all I know was that it will be a romantic drama, that's all. Maybe this could be the reason why I do like the movie alot due to my low expectations but I can't argue that it is a Lovely Movie to watch with your love ones. 

I hope that they won't censor anything cause really, there is nothing obscene, at most was both characters was in their underwears for a dip in the sea. Other than that, they are just kissing most of the time. :)

If you haven't watched the trailer, here you go. 

Comment and Let me know if you will watch it or not when is out in the cinema. Hearts!
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Hilda Milda™ said...

After watching the trailer for the first time, I vowed that I'll definitely watch it when it's out. Sadly it's only out in Msia on 22nd March ):

Henry Tan said...

Hmmm! been waiting since before valentine's day! and also hate it for waiting more than a month to be out in Malaysia! SIGH! talking about globalization huh? still lag behind so much!

Charmaine said...

Hopeless romantic=ME!!
Must watch then :D

Merryn said...

aiyah! Let me know lah. I mana ada chance mau pergi cinema watch this kinda movie dy. All I get to watch are cartoons!

SyingK said...

I actually went to the cinema counter and said 'The Vow for two person please' and the lady gave me a really long ??? face =.= Sigh, I was looking forward to it on V-day too! Mana tau, Malaysia slow!

JQ Lee said...

Hilda, henry, Hahaha, I know right! Malaysia so slow! Slow for One month plus somemore!

Charmaine, hehe, awwww go watch with bf/husband. if not grab a guy to watch with u :p

Merryn, haha, cannot leh, haha I kena scold by other ppl d. hehe.

Syingk, OMG hahaha, funny story!! blame them for not being specific. should say, US only!